Primary Democrats are held in the midst of storms in two states

Primary Democrats Are Held In The Midst Of Storms In Two States

Nashville, Tennessee – As the Super Tuesday vote began, heavy storms with tornadoes and heavy rains generated difficult conditions in at least two of the 14 states that vote in the Democratic primary.

Some voting sites in Nashville were relocated at the last minute and others in the area opened an hour after the announcement, but the polls will close at 8 p.m. as planned, said Secretary of State Tre Hargett.

Hours earlier, several tornadoes destroyed buildings and caused several deaths in the state.


In rural Alabama, the wind howled and the National Weather Service issued tornado alerts in at least five counties. In rural Bibb County, southwest of Birmingham, seven employees were preparing to open the voting site in a senior center when tornado alarms began to sound, said volunteer Gwen Thompson.

The storm cut the electricity, he said, but the two voting machines had batteries and some people voted in the next hour.

“We voted in the light of the flashlights,” Thompson said.

According to the authorities of that state, 40 structures were affected by tornadoes. So far, the death toll from the natural phenomenon amounts to 19 people.