Prime Minister Of Peru “accepts His Defeat”

The president of the Council of Ministers of Peru, Héctor Valer, announced this Saturday that he “accepts his defeat” and put his position at the disposal of President Pedro Castillo, just four days after being sworn in before the ruler.

“I have come to say that I accept defeat,” he said at a press conference outside the headquarters of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), in the historic center of Lima.

Valer made this statement the day after Castillo announced that he was going to reshuffle again the cabinet of ministers that he was sworn in to last Tuesday, after the barrage of criticism and requests in this regard that were made in the country due to the accusations against the prime minister. of family abuse.


In this regard, Valer affirmed that he was “machine-gunned by the newspapers of Peru”, which he accused of belonging to economic groups that “at the same time are linked to the extreme right and the right”.

The politician, a lawyer and current congressman, assured that the media have built “an image of him as an abuser and violent” and for that reason “he retires to his barracks to heal his wounds and return when the people want it.”

“I have presented a letter of availability (of the position) to the President of the Republic,” he said before adding that “in the field of battle and politics, one must know how to recognize victories and defeats.”

Valer also said that, after leaving office, he is going to “prosecute the people who tarnished his name and dignity,” among whom he mentioned a communicator who, he said, also linked him to drug trafficking.

“This is the way they lynch a person who does not think the same as them,” he said before angrily indicating that the “raid of complaints” filed against him “are made on the basis of lies.”

The still prime minister accepted, on the other hand, that “it is the power” of Congress the decision he took on Friday not to accept his request to appear this Saturday to expose the general policy of his administration before the plenary session.

He added, in this sense, that the next president of the Council of Ministers must send a new request in this regard and request the confidence of Congress in his administration.

Valer also said that “after long hours of work” with President Castillo, he can “tell Peru that he is not a communist,” as a sector of the political opposition affirms.

He affirmed that what Castillo wants is for Peru “to be a welfare state” and now “he has reached out to groups of other ideologies to talk and be able to reach a consensus.”

“I have been defeated and I am leaving,” he concluded.

President Castillo announced this Friday that he will make the changes in his cabinet “taking into account the opening towards the country’s political, academic and professional forces,” although he did not specify how many there will be or when they will be made.

He advanced, however, that his intention is to go “beyond ways of thinking and ideologies.”

Valer, a lawyer specializing in criminal law and current congressman, was sworn in last Tuesday as chief of staff to replace lawyer Mirtha Vásquez, who resigned from her position on Monday after the resignation of former Interior Minister Avelino Guillén.

These departures forced Castillo to form a third government team since he took office on July 28, 2021, a period in which he has accumulated several crises and which has led the political opposition to announce that it will present a motion to try to remove him.

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