Prince Theme In Politics, Wrong

Annoys the heirs of the interpreter using "Purple Rain"

WASHINGTON (EFE) .— Prince's heirs complained about the use of the song “Purple Rain” by the late musician in an election campaign act by US President Donald Trump in Minneapolis.

"President Trump used" Purple Rain "on Thursday night in a campaign event despite the confirmation, a year ago, that the campaign would not use Prince's music," heirs said in a Twitter message.


"Prince's legacy will never give President Trump permission to use his songs," they added.

In October 2018, in response to a request from Prince's heirs, Trump's campaign responded: "Without admitting legal responsibility and to avoid any future disputes, we confirm that the campaign will not use Prince's music."

Other very popular artists, including Neil Young, Pharrell Williams, Rihanna and The Rolling Stones, have already asked Trump to cease using his musical themes in rallies and propaganda.

Prince, who died in 2016 at age 57, was close to former President Barack Obama and had declared his sympathy with protests against police violence that affects African Americans.

The laws do not give musicians many options to prevent the use of their creations by politicians in their campaigns.

The legendary rock singer Bruce Springsteen complained about the spread of his song "Born In The USA" in several political campaigns.

In 2008 Gretchen Peters complained about the dissemination of his theme “Independence Day” in the political acts of the then Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin; and that same year Jackson Browne, well known for his songs of social criticism, protested against Republican presidential candidate John McCain for the use of "Running on Empty."

Also in 2008, Abba filed a complaint after McCain's campaign chose the song "Take a Chance on Me" as his main theme.

“Don’t worry…”

In 1988, then Vice President George W. H. Bush ignored Bobby McFerrin's complaints and used his song "Don’t Worry, Be Happy." Although this propensity to use young music frequently appears in campaigns of the conservative Republican Party, also Democrat Barack Obama was the target of complaints about the use of Sam and Dave's "Hold On, I’m Coming."



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