Prince William Denies Meghan And Harry’s Allegations: "We Are Not a Racist Family At All"

Prince William, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and second in line of succession to the British crown, on Thursday rejected the accusations of racism made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. “We are not a racist family at all,” he said.

The Duke of Cambridge made this brief statement during a visit to a school in East London, where journalists asked him about the interview that his brother, Prince Harry, and his sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, gave to the presenter Oprah Winfrey .


When asked if he had spoken to his brother after the interview, the Duke of Cambridge replied: “No, I have not spoken with him yet but I will.”

The interview has deepened the crisis in the British monarchy. In that program, aired in the US on Sunday and in the UK on Monday, the Duchess, who has African-American roots, revealed that an unidentified member of the royal family once questioned the skin color of the couple’s son, Archie. , almost 2 years old, when he had not yet been born. She also said that during that pregnancy she had suicidal thoughts and the Royal Household refused to help her.

“In the months that I was pregnant, there were … concerns and conversations about how dark her skin could be when she was born,” Meghan said in an interview with American journalist Oprah Winfrey on CBS. The Duchess said that those alleged racist comments were made in “conversations that the family had” with Harry, but refused to identify those who made them, stating that “that would be very harmful to them.”

When later incorporated into the interview, Prince Harry confirmed that the conversation revolved around “what the children would look like” with Meghan, but declined to elaborate on that. “It’s a conversation I’m never going to talk about,” said Harry, adding that it was “shocking.”

On Tuesday, following the broadcast of the interview in the UK, the Buckingham Palace said the royal family was “saddened“after learning about the suffering of the Dukes of Sussex and acknowledging that the problems they exposed on American television were” worrying, especially racism. “



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