Princess Ana's Controversial Contempt For Donald Trump Provoked Isabel's Anger

In the video that has run like wildfire on social networks, you can see the nonagenaria monarch saluting the Trump marriage accompanied by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camila. At one point, while her son and daughter-in-law continue to chat with the president and the First Lady, she glances at the entrance of the Music Hall where the traditional handrail took place to make eye contact with her daughter, who he responds by shrugging and raising his hands in a reaction that seems to say 'what do you want me to do'.

The Queen chastising Princess Anne for not greeting Trump and Anne not giving a single shit is the mood we all need to take into today

– Hannah Jane Parkinson (@ladyhaja)
December 4, 2019


Twitter and Instagram users have not taken, however, to put words to their gesture through memes that go from "do not put me in this" to "do not tell me" and have interpreted the body language of Ana as a clear sign that she didn't want to cross word with the Trump.



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