Principle Of Agreement: The First Crack That Beckham Would Already Have For Inter Miami – Ten

Uruguayan striker Edison Cavani would be living his last season in the PSG and his next destination points to be the MLS.

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As the L'Équipe revealed, Cavani would already have a principle of agreement with Inter Miami, a club owned by former English soccer player David Beckham.


It should be remembered that the charrúa ends his contract in June 2020 and his intention would be not to expand his link to reach the US entity as a free agent.

If his transfer is completed, the 'Matador' would end a six-year career in Paris, in which he has played 283 games, leaving 195 goals and 40 assists.

Inter Miami already has Argentine players Matías Pellegrini and Julián Carranza, so the eventual signing of Cavani would give the team the first touch of experience.