Problems With Fingerprint Reader On Galaxy And Note Devices?

After knowing that some users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10 were having a security problem with their devices, the South Korean company has established its position in this regard.

The situation presented with these devices is that the fingerprint reader, which blocks the functions so that only the owner can use the device, is being unlocked very easily.

That is, it is not required to place the finger that was registered to have control of the cell phone. Even a different person can put any of their fingerprints and the device would be unlocking immediately and without presenting any 'resistance'. This could leave the personal data of users vulnerable.


Problems in fingerprint reader on Galaxy and Note devices?

But this would be happening with those devices in which a silicone screen protector was put on, which causes the impression of the owner's footprint to be 'simulated'.

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Given this, Samsung has acknowledged the failure through an official statement and has given recommendations to prevent this from continuing to affect users.

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The document issued by the technology indicates that silicone protectors generate a fault that involves ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that unlock devices after recognizing three-dimensional patterns.

Although they have established that a security patch will be coming out soon to correct the situation, at the moment it recommends those with this type of silicone screen:

Remove it from the device
 Eliminate all previous fingerprints and register them again.

In addition, it asks users to make sure they scan every part of their fingerprint, including the center and corners. Finally, the company has indicated that the update would be launching next week.

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