Protesters Defied Curfews, But There Were Fewer Clashes On The Eighth Night Of Protests In The US

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(WAB NEWS) – Peaceful protesters defied curfews and remained on the streets of American cities for another night of protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody.

The eighth night of protests saw less violence, fewer police clashes, and more acts of civil disobedience.


There are unprecedented curfews in Washington, Atlanta, New York, Cleveland and various California cities to deter mobilizations after a weekend of sometimes violent fighting and looting.

But that did not stop thousands of people from coming forward to demand justice after the death of George Floyd, who died last week after a Minneapolis police officer pinned him to the ground with his knee to his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. .

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On Tuesday, the protests in Philadelphia culminated in a nine-minute “moment” of silence.

In Los Angeles, a group of protesters knelt as they raised their hands in peace outside the house of the mayor, Eric Garcetti, while waiting to be arrested.

In Atlanta, where a police car was set on fire days ago, a large crowd marched peacefully through the same streets.

And after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio criticized “coordinated criminal activity” and looting in parts of the city the night before, Tuesday night’s protests seemed completely different, De Blasio said.

People marched through Manhattan, while some store owners, residents, and supporters lined the side of the streets cheered on the protesters.

Although there were a few cases of looting, it was not as widespread or chaotic on Monday night.

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At one point, protesters trying to cross the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn were blocked by police, who closed the Manhattan side of the bridge. A confrontation was feared, but police allowed protesters to turn around and leave the bridge back to Brooklyn without arrest.

“We want peace,” Joseph Haynes, a protester in Los Angeles, told CNN’s Kyung Lah. “Look at all these wonderful people here. Look at us. And it’s not just black people. “

The peaceful protests have been fueled by Floyd’s family: both her brother who called for an end to the violence on Monday and Roxie Washington, the mother of her 6-year-old daughter, who called for justice for Floyd on Tuesday.

“You will never see her grow, graduate. He will never accompany her to the altar. If you have a problem and you need your dad, you can’t have that anymore, ”Washington said of Floyd’s daughter Gianna. “I am here for my baby and I am for George because I want justice for him.”

Gianna, Floyd’s daughter, with her mother, Roxie Washington.

Where is the Floyd case

Floyd’s death sparked what has been more than a week of protests, calling for justice in his case and an end to police brutality.

Last week, the 46-year-old man died after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pinned him to the ground with his knee pressed to his neck, according to a probable cause prosecutor’s statement.

Chauvin was arrested on his death and Floyd’s family lawyer Ben Crump said he expects the other three police officers at the scene to be charged before Floyd’s funeral next week.

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“We believe that they should all be charged with some form of serious murder for participating in the horrible death of George Floyd,” Crump said.

An independent autopsy showed that the knee in Floyd’s neck, as well as the knees of two other officers holding him, contributed to his death.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced Tuesday that the Minnesota Department of Human Rights has begun a civil rights investigation at the Minneapolis Police Department, which will look at practices over the past 10 years.

A press release says the investigation will attempt to determine whether the police engaged in “systemic discriminatory practices towards people of color and will ensure that such practices are stopped.”

Chauvin is expected to make his first appearance in court on charges of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter on June 8. Floyd’s funeral is scheduled for June 9 in Houston.

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Conflict and confrontations

Atlanta police prepare to apply the curfew at 9:00 pm with gas as protesters sing.

A night marked by more peaceful demonstrations of civil disobedience was not without confrontation between the police and the protesters.

When the 9pm curfew began in Atlanta, police fired tear gas at protesters gathered near CNN offices, who had marched peacefully throughout the day.

Hundreds of protesters were arrested in Los Angeles, police spokesman Tony Im told CNN. By 10 p.m. Tuesday, New York police had arrested 40 protesters and expected that number to increase.

After stones and glass were thrown at police officers Tuesday, according to the Milwaukee Police Department, officers used tear gas against the crowd.

And after President Donald Trump called for tougher efforts against the protests earlier this week, 1,600 active-duty soldiers moved to the Washington area to help civil authorities if necessary, the Pentagon confirmed Tuesday.

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Spokeswoman Anne Bettesworth said Tuesday that the Seattle Police Accountability Office received about 14,000 complaints about the behavior of city police officers during protests over the weekend.

Keep the peace and make changes

Protesters gather around the place where George Floyd died in Minneapolis.

Steps have been taken to ensure security at the protests, as well as to address concerns at the heart of the protests.

Facebook said Tuesday that it had closed pages and accounts whose members were arguing about bringing weapons to the protests.

The activity was linked to a group called American Guard, according to Facebook. The Anti-Defamation League says that the American Guard “has a history with connections to anti-immigrant extremism, hatred and violence.”

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To provide aid to businesses that were hurt during the protests, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced a $ 10 million fund Tuesday.

Lightfoot also introduced a police liability reform measure for “some of the necessary next steps on our path to reform.”

The “critical to solving our crisis” measures will be implemented within the next 90 days, Lightfoot said.

“I am with those who are fed up and tired of the lack of fundamental change,” Lightfoot said. “A change that results in the respect, dignity and freedom that blacks deserve in this country.”

Eric Levenson, Steve Almasy, Laura Ly, Dave Alsup, Raja Razek, Jamiel Lynch and Adrienne Winston contributed to this report.



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