Protests In The United States: Rain Of Criticism Of Donald Trump From All Over The Planet

Twenty-one seconds of silence took Justin Trudeau to answer a reporter’s sharp question about Donald Trump’s attitude to protests across the border. “We all look with horror and amazement at what is happening in the United States,” the Prime Minister of Canada finally managed to say, who never spoke the name of the American president. It is a time to unite people, to listen, to learn that injustice continues despite progress in recent years and decades. ”

One after another, from the United Kingdom to New Zealand, Washington’s allies have been declaring their support for American protesters. Asked in Parliament on Wednesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he “fully” understands the outrage at the death of George Floyd.

“Of course black lives matter and I fully understand anger, and the pain you feel, not just in America. but all over the world and also in our country, ”said Johnson, one of Trump’s strongest supporters. The British government also authorized a demonstration to be held in London – there was another one on Sunday – as long as the rules of social distance in force due to the coronavirus were respected.


“The peaceful mobilization we are witnessing in the US, with highly emotional gestures by US police, is understandable as well as legitimate,” said German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hesitated when asked about Donald Trump’s reaction to protests in the United States. / AP

Less hesitation than Trudeau have shown the governments of Russia, China or Iran, which have seen an opportunity to attack the American adversary and, above all, shake off the criticism that they usually receive from Washington for repressing their protesters.

The death of an unarmed African American at the hands of the police shows “the true face” of the United States, said Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. “For a policeman to calmly put a knee on the neck of a black person, while other policemen stare and do nothing, is not new,” Khamenei said in a speech. It is the nature of America, what it has always done with the whole world: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries, and before Vietnam ”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stood in solidarity with protesters demanding justice for the death of George Floyd in the United States. / AFP

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, used the last phrase uttered by George Floyd before he died (“I can’t breathe,” I can’t breathe) in a tweet in response to the message posted by Morgan Ortagus, a spokeswoman for the State Department condemning the new Chinese security law in Hong Kong.

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Why the US Does Hong Kong supporters of violence and so-called independence treat heroes, while branding those who denounce racism in their country as rioters? “asked Zhao Lijian, who called racism a” chronic disease “of the United States. .UU. Replicating the speech that Washington usually uses against China, Zhao called on the United States. that it “comply with its international obligations” to end racial discrimination and protect the rights of minorities.

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Russia, regularly criticized for the persecution suffered by the independent press, has declared itself “scandalized” because the US police have used tear gas and rubber bullets against journalists who covered the riots. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachellet, condemned “the unprecedented attacks” against journalists in the protests.




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