Proud Boys Lawyers Blame Trump For Assault On Capitol

Kansas City, Kansas – Attorneys for the alleged leader of the far-right Proud Boys organization blamed former President Donald Trump for the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol and said that in the five weeks since then “the feverish dream is over.”

William Chrestman, an army veteran and metal worker from Olathe, Kansas, remains in prison while the judge decides whether to grant him probation until trial. He is charged with conspiracy, obstruction of an official act, threats to a federal police officer and other charges derived from the insurrection.

The Proud Boys is a far-right armed group composed mainly of retired military and police.


Prosecutors want Chrestman to remain in jail because they consider him dangerous to the community and that he will try to escape. The defense assures that he will not flee and that he is not dangerous because the world around him has changed since then. They say prison, far from emboldening him, has disciplined him.

Justice James O’Hara told a hearing Wednesday that he will decide within days whether to release him until his trial, the Kansas City Star reported.

“It is amazing to imagine storming the United States Capitol with sticks and flags and aerosols against highly trained and armed police. Only someone who believed they had official backing would try. And a Proud Boy who paid attention would be convinced of that, ”the lawyers said.

They added that they saw their “pro-US, pro-capitalist and pro-Trump” rhetoric introduce them to the Republican Party. They watched as the police attacked Black Lives Matter and anti-fascist protesters but escorted the Proud Boys and their allies to safety. They saw the name of their leader, Enrique Tarrio, director of Latinos for Trump in the state of Florida.

“The five weeks since January 6 have ended the feverish dream. The Proud Boys are ‘radioactive now’. All air of respectability has faded, ”the defenders wrote.



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