Proud Mom: Jacky Bracamontes Boasts The Triumph Of Her Eldest Daughter

The conductor shared in her social networks that her daughter Jacky won third place in an Irish dance competition.

On several occasions, Jacky Bracamontes He has declared that the best gift of his life are his five daughters Jacky, Carolina, Renata and their twins Emilia and Paula to those who do not get tired of showing off on their social networks, because they cannot be more proud of them and that is why they share each of their achievements.


The driver is happy to see every step taken by the girls and does not tire of applauding them, as was the case with her firstborn, Jacky, who recently gave him one of the most important moments as a mom.

Through her social networks, the actress also published a series of photographs in which the girl can be seen participating in a dance contest, which accompanied an emotional message in which she showed her emotion to see her eldest daughter enjoy what he does and achieve one of the first three places, a triumph that the proud mother wanted to share with all her followers.

On her Instagram profile, the presenter wrote her enthusiasm to see her daughter participate in her first Irish dance competition. It seems that the girl did very well, that she even won third place in the competition.

Bracamontes He confessed that seeing his daughter win filled her with great enthusiasm, so she couldn’t help her tears when she saw her little girl succeed. “My Jacky in today’s competition of #DanzaIrlandes! 3rd place in your first competition !!! #IrishDance #proudmom #happyme # llorédelaemoción ”, he wrote on his Instagram profile next to the photographs of the girl in action.

Jacky He could not help taking many photos of his little dancer, who by the way posed as happily showing off his medals and looking very tender with his costumes.

Carolina and RenataThey also showed their excitement to see their sister become a winner and proud posed next to the dancer, who kept showing off the medals she proudly carried on her neck.