Public Hearings Begin On Possible Political Trial Against Donald Trump

The federal House of Representatives will begin public hearings today around a possible political trial against President Donald Trump over allegations of abuse of power.

On the first day of the hearing, the diplomats William Taylor, who was in charge of the US Embassy, ​​will leave. in Ukraine, and George Kent, a State Department official.

The Democrats seek to prove the allegations that President Trump tried to extort or pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate political rivals, in this case the former US Vice President and candidate for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, who is a member of the Board of Directors of a company in Ukraine. In exchange for this investigation, according to the Democrats, President Trump would offer military and economic assistance to the European country. Republicans will surely argue that there is no evidence of what is known as a quid pro quo.


The views will be given by the Democratic representative and chairman of the Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff and the Republican representative Devin Nunes. The hearings will begin today and continue this week and the next. Then, the Legal Committee of the federal Chamber, must write the charges that will be weighed against the president, if they determine that a political trial against Trump is appropriate.

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