Public Universities In New York Closed Due To Coronavirus Expansion

New York – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reported Wednesday that confirmed coronavirus infections in the state reach 212 cases, of which 32 patients are hospitalized, and announced that the public system of universities will close on 19 March for the rest of the semester.

Thousands of students attending the City’s (CUNY) and State (SUNY) public university system campuses will take online courses to avoid crowding people together.

Some programs to be carried out on campus will continue if necessary, but will also fit the model remotely. “We want to reduce the density” of the public in one place, he argued.


Cuomo also indicated that this day he will meet with the main directors of the mass parade of San Patricio, scheduled for March 17 and that brings together thousands of people along Fifth Avenue, to decide whether to cancel.

The coronavirus outbreak continues to grow in the state, with a higher incidence in New Rochelle Township, located in Westchester County, north of New York City.

According to the new figures, there are 13 new cases in that county, which now totals 121 infected; New York City accumulates 48 (12 new); Nassau County 28 (9 new) and Suffolk County already 6 cases (5 new).

In Rockland, Saratoga and Ulster counties, north of New York City, 6, 2 and 1 cases have been confirmed, respectively.

The concentration of cases in New Rochelle led Cuomo to make the decision to impose a “containment area” of a kilometer and a half radius in northern New Rochelle, where the largest “focus of infection in the country” of the coronavirus is found. , where he sent the National Guard.

An attorney in White Plains County, also north of the city, tested positive and six courtrooms were closed for cleaning, he said.

Cuomo recalled during a press conference that those numbers “will continue to grow dramatically”, but assured that the facts “do not justify the fear” of the population. He insisted that more people are affected by the flu than by the coronavirus.

The city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, also expressed concern today about the celebration of the St. Patrick’s Day parade, which has been canceled in other cities in the United States. such as Boston (Massachusetts) and San Francisco (California).

The governor also reported that they will contract another 28 private laboratories to perform more tests for the coronavirus, which was declared a pandemic today by the World Health Organization (WHO).

He also indicated that he will ask business owners to allow their employees to work from home to reduce exposure to the virus.



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