Puerto Ricans in Florida prefer Biden or Sanders over Trump to the presidency

Puerto Ricans In Florida Prefer Biden Or Sanders Over Trump To The Presidency

Washington – If the US presidential were these days, Florida’s Puerto Rican electorate would overwhelmingly support Democrats Joseph Biden or Bernie Sanders against Republican Donald Trump, according to a Telemundo poll.

But, the state’s Hispanic voter prefers – 47% to 37% – former Vice President Biden over Senator Sanders, ahead of the Democratic presidential primaries next Tuesday.

Sanders outpaces Biden – 47% to 40% – in voting intentions for Arizona’s Hispanic voters.


Florida and Arizona are two of the four states that will have Democratic presidential primaries next Tuesday.

Florida – with an important Puerto Rican and Cuban electorate – is the main prize of the Democratic presidential primaries next Tuesday, as the candidates for the White House will contest 219 delegates that day.

Biden is a broad favorite to win that status.

While Florida Cubans favor President Trump ahead of the November presidential election, Puerto Ricans are clearly on the side of Democrats.

For example, if they had to choose between Biden and Trump, 81% would favor the Democrat. Trump gets 14% support on that question.

Sanders, meanwhile, would win 65% support for Trump, who would get 21% of the vote, if Puerto Ricans had to choose between the senator and the White House tenant.

Puerto Rican voters in the state favor statehood for the Island with 79%, according to the survey. 15% reject this alternative status.

Although Biden has a higher percentage of support against Trump than Sanders, 64% of Florida’s Puerto Rican voters declared in favor of the Senator for Vermont’s proposal for a government program “Medicare for all”, without private health insurance .

Among Puerto Ricans, only 21% expressed willingness to vote for a candidate for the White House who describes himself as “socialist.” Sanders describes himself as a Social Democrat.

Puerto Rican voters, in turn, reject Trump’s performance as president. The approval level of the US President among Puerto Ricans it remains at 27%.

The Puerto Ricans of Florida also reject the sanctions of the Trump government against the governments of Cuba and Venezuela, and their immigration policy.

Puerto Ricans in Florida also support that the federal government has assisted the Island after the earthquakes earlier in the year.

The survey was carried out by the Mason-Dixon company between March 4 and 7, and has a margin of error of no more than 5%.



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