Puigdemont Will Not Be The Candidate For President But Will Be On The Junts List

Carles Puigdemont has clarified his plans. He will be on the list of Junts for the elections on February 14 but does not consider presenting himself as an ‘effective’ candidate, that is, he does not intend to promise again that he will return to Catalonia or that he will try to be invested as president of the Generalitat if the result and the parliamentary arithmetic worked in his favor. The expressident’s decision can be understood as a step to the side or even a step back, also in the case not ruled out that he decides to head the list. Now a duel begins between the two aspirants to be the real candidate: Laura Borràs and Damià Calvet.

Borràs starts as a favorite in all the internal pools and is the favorite of Quim Torra. The former Minister of Culture and now a spokesperson for Junts in Congress is in favor of maintaining the discourse of the confrontation with the central government and more at a time when ERC keeps its hand out to agree on budgets and other laws in the Congress of the Deputies. This week it has been possible to verify in the debate on the amendments to the totality of the accounts presented by the Executive of Sánchez.


Puigdemont has released a video in which he denounces that “Spanish repression” prevents him from being the candidate for the investiture. “But I am not renouncing to lead the project. I will be in the candidacy and I will get involved in the campaign ”, he assured. The former president has accused the Executive of Pedro Sánchez of not having been up to the task and not having met expectations. “The path of dialogue has not borne any fruit,” he added.

Borràs is awaiting trial in the Supreme Court, to which she arrives as a registered judge, for an alleged case of corruption that she committed when she ran the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes between 2013 and 2017. The Prosecutor’s Office believes that the current deputy divided contracts to award them to a friend, for which he considers that he may have committed crimes of prevarication, fraud to the Administration, embezzlement and documentary falsification. Borràs, who was pending trial after Congress accepted the court’s request, has always assured that he suffers political persecution.

Calvet, the other candidate, is a good connoisseur of the territory, well connected with the territorial cadres and with a managerial rather than political profile. He started in Convergència by the hand of Felip Puig and his speech is more moderate than that of Borràs. He is considered the successor of Josep Rull and not only as the holder of the Territorial Policy portfolio. Calvet was the first to announce his candidacy for the Junts list, two days ago, with a video in which he appeared on the train tracks that appeared on the 1-O billboard. This Wednesday he confirmed his decision through a message on his Twitter account.

The last word will be the 5,000 associates who are called to vote in these primaries. Whether Borràs or Calvet, his main adversary in the elections will be the Republican Pere Aragonès. ERC continues to lead the polls, although the distance from Junts has narrowed in recent months.



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