Putin Urges The Development Of Genetic Technologies In Medicine And Ecology In Russia


13:29 GMT 05/14/2020 (updated at 15:48 GMT 05/14/2020) Short URL

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia must develop genetic technologies in medicine, industry and ecology, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.


“Russia needs to have its technological developments [genéticos] that allow preventing and treating serious diseases, increasing life expectancy, improving the environment and purifying the land, water and air (…) These are the most diverse sectors such as medicine, industry, agriculture and energy, where Genetic technologies offer enormous possibilities, “Putin said at a meeting devoted to genetic technologies in Russia.

The president stressed that technological and scientific developments must become competitive products.

“These technologies must be converted as soon as possible into practical results, into products that are competitive both in Russia and in other countries,” he said.

For Putin, the importance of genetic technologies is comparable to that of nuclear and space projects.

“We need to develop and implement genetic technologies and create our own scientific and technological potential (…) Because of their importance to the country, genetic technologies can be compared to nuclear and space projects of the 20th century,” he said.

Putin thanked genetic specialists for their contribution to the creation of anti-coronavirus drugs.

“Genetic research helps to create tests, vaccines and medicines also against coronavirus and I would like to thank genetic specialists for their contribution to the fight against this danger,” emphasized the president.

In Russia, more than 6.1 million tests of the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus have already been carried out, to date 252,245 people have been infected, of whom 53,530 recovered and 2,305 died.

The greatest number of new cases is registered in the Russian capital, in the province of Moscow and in the city of Saint Petersburg.

National Genetic Database

In addition, Putin proposed to create a national base of genetic information.

“I propose to create a national genetic database, applying our important bioinformatics skills and practices,” said the Russian leader.

He explained that it is about protecting, storing and transmitting data, as well as guaranteeing the development of software tools for the search, analysis and modeling of information based on common standards.

“I ask the government to organize the financing of this project, we will have to do it through the federal budget,” said Putin.

The Russian President also stressed the importance of protecting the personal data of citizens, as well as any other confidential information.

In addition, Putin called for the development of a control system on the use of genetic technologies, taking into account the importance they have.

He stressed that to do so, it is necessary to find a balance between the freedom of scientific research, ethical questions, technological development and the interests of people, as well as the protection of these interests.