Qatar Final Judgment: 14 Direct Crisis

The goal is visible.

The qualifying process, characterized by the global epidemic of COVID-19 and multiple readjustments of dates and scenarios due to the war in Ukraine, reaches its boiling point.


In previous editions, the World Cup group draw took place on the first day of December, after which the biggest football event was awaited for six months.

This does not apply to Qatar 2022, the first World Cup in the Middle East and winter from November 21st to December 18th.

Twenty-nine of the 32 participants will be defined as 14 teams will get a visa for the winter tournament next week.

The draw will take place on April 1st in Doha, but the three groups will remain incomplete for two months.

This is due to the two intercontinental playoffs of South America and Asia, CONCACAF and Oceania, and the European playoffs of Ukraine, Wales, Austria and Scotland in July.

See what is defined on each continent (in parentheses is the number of imminently defined tickets.

Europe (2)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affected two of the three playoffs.

Ukraine was scheduled to play against Scotland on Thursday, but the match in Glasgow was postponed to June due to the war. The winner will face either Austria or Wales where the match remains on schedule.

Russia was banished and rival Poland made it to the finals directly. Poles meet the winner of the Swedish-Czech Republic on March 29th.

It may be the day when the last two European champions Italy and Portugal meet for tickets. First, Azura needs to eliminate North Macedonia and Portugal Turkey.

The other 10 qualified Europeans are France, Germany, Spain, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Serbia and Switzerland.

South America (2)

Brazil and Argentina were both undefeated and passed qualifying at the end of last year and played to catch up.

There are two direct locations to decide and a ticket for the intercontinental playoffs.

Ecuador (25 points) in 3rd place is enough to qualify for the 4th World Cup and can be achieved by visiting the desperate Paraguay on Thursday.

The key match will take place in Montevideo that same day, with the fourth Uruguay (22) receiving the fifth Peru (21).

Further down are Chile (19) and Colombia (17), who have achieved the above wins and unfavorable results. On Thursday, Colombia will be local to Bolivia and Chile will visit Brazil.

Five days later, the tie culminates in five simultaneous matches: Ecuador-Argentina, Chile-Uruguay, Peru-Paraguay, Venezuela-Colombia and Bolivia-Brazil.

Concacaf (3)

Direct tickets for the North, Central America and Caribbean Union appear to be within reach of Canada (25 points), the United States (21) and Mexico (21). Panama (17) and Costa Rica (16) compete for playoff tickets.

The balcony renting party will take place on Thursday at the Aztec Stadium in Mexico City. Gerardo Martino’s irregular try is received by the United States in a regional classic who decided to return to the World Cup after missing Russia’s appointment in 2018.

After 11 rounds, Canada is the only undefeated team, aiming for the first qualifying since Mexico in 1986. They were able to seal the passage in Costa Rica on Thursday. He also receives Canada and visits Panama.

The final day will be Wednesday, March 30, a few hours before the lottery.

Asia (2)

Iran and South Korea have already qualified as the top two in Group A in the third round.

The first two in Group B have not yet been defined and are being bid on by Saudi Arabia (19), Japan (18) and Australia (15). Saudi Arabia may pass qualifying this Thursday with an away victory over China. On the same day, Australia will host Japan.

On the final day, Japan will confront Vietnam and Australia will travel to Saudi Arabia’s territory.

The third team in each group will meet on one foot to define a rival to play against the fifth-placed team in South America in June.

Africa (5)

Next to South Americans, this is the most demanding tie. This is due to the widespread use of formats and uniform levels. After the group stage, there are 10 finalists who will star in five round trips this week.

The most promising duel will be entertainers with two recent African Cup finalists, Egypt and Senegal. Both have references from Liverpool. Under the command of Mohamed Salah, the Egyptians are trying to avenge their penalty shootout defeat in Senegal, led by Sadio Mané.

Other clashes: Ghana-Nigeria, Cameroon-Algeria, DR Congo-Morocco, Mari-Tunisia. The first leg will be Friday the 25th and Tuesday the 29th.


Thailand, the lowest-ranked zone, began in Qatar on March 17, and eight teams fought for a place to play against CONCACAF’s fourth team.

COVID-19 has affected the competition. Vanuatu had to withdraw before the match against Tahiti due to a coronavirus outbreak within the team.

The top two of each bracket will advance to the semi-finals on the 27th, followed by the finals on the 30th. New Zealand is very popular.


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