Quarantine: Why Choose To Exercise In The Morning During Mandatory Confinement?

With more than a month in a period of social isolation, organizing activities and adjusting to a lifestyle at home is becoming increasingly difficult and important things like exercising are forgotten. Exercising is vital at any time of the day, but to stay in good spirits, the best solution is to start the daily routine with a little effort. So Harley Pasternak, celebrity trainer and Fitbit ambassador, offers some tips:

– Schedule the exercises and do them when you wake up. This will avoid abandoning them and there will be no excuses to skip this activity during the day.

– Exercising in the morning helps to have more energy, increases concentration and improves mood.


– Waking up early when you can increase a few minutes of sleep during quarantine is not an easy task, but you should take into account some tips that will make this practice easier. “Having a good rest and working on the quality and quantity of sleep will help to have better results,” said the specialist.

– To make morning exercise a habit, electronic devices should be put aside at least one hour before bedtime, because the light on the screen prevents the production of melatonin (known as the sleep hormone).

– It is ideal to rest for at least eight hours. The better you sleep at night, the easier it will be to wake up every morning.

– Better organization of time and mapping of daily exercises will contribute to better performance in the search for goals.