Queen Bans Donald Trump From Using His Music Forever

Photo Brian May: NASA / Bill Ingalls – Photo Donald Trump: Michael Vadon

Donald Trump is used to using songs for political purposes without the permission of its creators. For example, long ago he used Queen's "We Are the Champions" theme in his speech at the Republican National Convention. He also tweeted a meme mocking former Vice President Joe Biden using excerpts from Nickelback's "Photograph" video. On both occasions, the bands publicly declared their discontent and, in the case of the Twitter publication, the Canadians managed to withdraw Trump's message for copyright infringement.

However, the businessman, television star and current president of the United States again incurred these practices a few days ago. The president used Queen's song "We Will Rock You" to musicalize a video of one of his demonstrations and uploaded the clip to Twitter. Upon hearing the fact, the members of the British group reported it to the social network. Once again, the content of the presidential account was deleted due to the infraction. Regarding the incident, Brian May, guitarist and founder of the group, told reporters:


"Regardless of our views on Donald Trump, it has always been against our view to allow Queen's music to be used as a political campaign tool … I will make sure to take possible measures to dissociate ourselves from Trump's nasty campaign."

According to Buzzfeed, in view of Trump's obvious predilection for the songs of Freddie Mercury and his colleagues to campaign, the band's representatives they already started a legal process to avoid any future use of its issues by the president.



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