Queen Letizia Shares Fashion Tips For Shorties, You'll Love Her Blue Skirt

Queen Letizia shares fashion tips for shorties, you'll love her blue skirt aqua. Despite the notorious difference in height between her and her husband, the King Felipe, her mastery of fashion tricks helps her to look a few inches taller, something that the little ones appreciate and celebrate.

On this occasion, the Queen Letizia She put aside the glamor of a previous night where she stood out with a red dress that left her shoulders exposed and light waves in her hair that made her leave her comfort zone.

In this event, the annual meeting of the Patronage of Cervantes, the Queen Letizia He wore a sober and elegant style again, where the smooth satin combined perfectly with a patterned skirt.

The autumn trends that Queen Letizia presumes

Already international brands such as Lacoste They had determined that this fall the school look would be one of the main trends for the season. The Queen Letizia He did it perfectly, wearing a satin shirt with details on the cuffs and neck, as well as discreet jewelry so as not to overshadow the outfit.

Again his hair looked straightened and split sideways, a style that has become his personal seal. Finally, he opted for a small ivory bag that he combined perfectly.

Your outfit in detail and the trick to look taller

The garments of the Queen Letizia they were a creation of the spanish designer Juan Duyos. The protagonist of the set was a pencil-cut skirt made in manila shawl with all aqua and ivory, it was combined with an ivory silk shirt that wore the same print of the skirt on the cuffs and neck.

To look a little taller, the Queen Letizia he showed off the high waist of the skirt by bringing attention to his legs instead of the upper part of his body, something that was reinforced by the print of the skirt.

Besides, the Queen Letizia He gave more length to the lower part of his body with ivory heeled shoes that were a very successful fashion choice. Although he had his arms covered, he left his legs free from under the knee to balance colors, style and figure.