Queen Shoots Donald Trump a Video For Using (without Permission) "We Will Rock You"

What else can we say about Donald Trump? To give the note he paints himself. Either because of the controversial immigration policies he has taken, or simply attacking musicians who are not in favor of him and his mandate. Now, the leader of the most powerful nation in the world messed with who shouldn't, with Queen.

It turns out that the remaining members of the iconic band, Brian May and Roger Taylor hit the shout in the sky when they realized that the president of the United States was using "We Will Rock You", that ball that turns on anyone thanks to his Particular way to integrate the public. In a video that Trump uploaded to his Twitter account on October 9, he could be seen in the middle of a campaign event to promote himself while playing the Freddie Mercury classic and company.


According to Buzzfeed News, a spokeswoman for Queen has already said that Mr. Donald Trump never asked permission to use the song published in the 1977 News Of The World album. Thanks to this, the video that the president most Charismatic of the United States had to be downloaded from Twitter immediately, for walking in violation of copyright.

In 2019, this is only the third time that some artists complain about this same situation. This all started a few months ago, when the heirs of the late musician Prince reacted after Trump used the "Purple Rain" hint without consent. Afterwards, the beloved and hated Nickelback did the same when they realized that Mr. Donald did exactly the same with his song "Photograph."

Come on, it's not even the first time he does the same to Queen. In 2016, in the middle of his huge campaign, the now president of the United States of America did exactly the same with “We Are The Champions” while closing his speech at the Republican National Convention, a fact that angered May and Taylor.

Apparently, Trump may have all the power in the world, but never the delicacy of even paying the fees to use iconic roles in his campaigns. If you want to check more or less what the Trump video was about, you can see it below:



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