Quintero Won’t Close The Door On Juan Toscano For The World Cup

Quintero Won’t Close The Door On Juan Toscano For The World Cup

Mexican coach Omar Quintero meets with NBA Utah Jazz forward Juan Toscano Anderson to convince him to join the team as it prepares to play the 2023 Basketball World Cup in Mexico There are no plans.

“I haven’t spoken to Juan yet. Last time he congratulated us on our move to the World Cup. I have a good relationship with Juan and I think it’s an important moment in his career. We wish him all the best, we know he wants to focus on his next contract in the NBA and that’s a good thing. I will keep the door open.

“Right now we are concentrating on making plans for who will be available (for the World Cup). It is a decision he has made and if he changes his mind, we will approach him,” he said. explained.


Toscano, the only Mexican in the NBA, has resigned from the Mexican team without giving any specific reason.

The 29-year-old player became the first basketball player in the country to win an NBA title last June.

The former Golden State Warriors player played his last game with the national team in a loss to Columbia last August.

Despite saying he would not speak to Toscano to find out what led him to resign from the team, the manager reiterated that he has not ruled out a call for the World Cup.

Quintero said he has already defined the eight players that will make up the final list, with the rest coming out of training camps summoning about 30 basketball players.

Among the places that must be defined are the positions of naturalized players, Daniel Amigo, Joshua Ybarra, Luke Martinez, Jaime Jaquez, J.

“We will do our best and compete in the World Cup. It will be a tournament against the 31 best teams in the world and we will try to get as far as possible. Until April 29th, if we draw. , once we know the group and the headquarters, we know what to face and how far we can go,” added Quintero.

As part of the preparations, in addition to using games from Central America and the Caribbean to warm up the youngsters, the coach wants at least 10 friendly matches before the World Cup, four of which will be played by various Mexicans. I hope it is done in the states. They intend a showdown in the capital, a farewell to their local fans.

“I changed the mentality and tip of the players and made them believe that we Mexicans can regain a sense of belonging. It was one. I managed to come back,” said the former player who qualified for the Mexico national team for the first time in 50 years.

Quintero, who has a contract as the absolute manager of the Mexican national team until 2027, has not only prepared for the World Cup, but also set long-term goals, and has promoted a generational change led by Gael Bonilla after taking office. He has already earned a spot as a quintet player.

Omar Quintero’s plan is to send Mexico to the 2024 Olympics after the World Cup, but he is realistic and believes his team will be better prepared for Los Angeles in 2028. increase.based on salary

“The important thing that happened was continuity. The four-year renewal gives us stability and certainty after that because I have made a generational change. It is the people who will reach the Olympics in 2028,” he pointed out. EFE

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