Rafa Márquez Said He Sees Himself More As a Coach Than As a Manager

When the professional career is over, every former soccer player begins to wonder what happens now that there are no more training sessions and games. Technician, manager of a club and even television analysts are one of the many tasks that a former player can carry out today.

Rafa Márquez spoke about this when in The Last Word he was asked if he saw himself as a coach or manager in his future.

“After being in Atlas, I realized that I see myself more as a coach than as a manager,” said the former defender who emerged in Los Zorros.


In addition, Rafa Márquez commented that when he was a manager at Atlas he realized that it was boring since on the court he scolded and ordered the team.

It should be remembered that the former soccer player commented that the best coach he had in his career was Ricardo La Volpe from whom, according to him, he learned a lot.

Rafael Marquez

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