Rafael Loza And Katherine Tisanema, Ecuadorian Double In The Popular Vallecana

Madrid, Dec 31 (EFE) .- Rafael Vicente Loza and Katherine Tisanema, of the Corredores club, gave Ecuador a double at San Silvestre Vallecana Popular in front of 40,000 runners in a long ride from the Santiago Bernabeu stadium to Vallecas.

Two and a half hours before the elite athletes settled the victory in the international race, a green mass -by the color of the official shirt-, was launched in four waves, every 15 minutes, to travel the 10 km between The two stadiums.

Touched with a blue cap -like the winner-, Rafael Vicente Loza, who was South American champion of the mile and only fifteen days ago won the half marathon Seville-Los Palacios, set the pace from the start together with Javier Martínez (brother of Chema , who was 10,000 European champion).


The two went ahead from the fourth kilometer along with Sergio Salinero (winner in 2016), but on the downhill of the Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona the Ecuadorian, who has trained in Madrid in recent weeks, put land in between and He ended up winning with a time of 29:39 minutes.

"It is my first participation in such a beautiful race, for the level and the spectators, that motivate a lot," said the Ecuadorian.

Javier Martínez, second with 29:46, and Salinero, third with 30:02, accompanied him on the podium.

Tisalema, who is preparing, like Rafael Loza, to try to win an Olympic place for the Tokyo Games, went ahead from the first kilometers, accompanied by his male 'hare', and be imposed with a mark of 34:13 minutes . Romanian Cristina Giurcanu (35:12), winner two years ago, and Lorena Lorenzo (35:18) also took the podium.

Luis Miguel Marquina won, in just over fifteen minutes, for the fifth consecutive year the career in the handbykes modality. EFE