Rain Of Draconic Stars: Don't Miss The Cosmic Show At Its Peak This Tuesday

The afternoon of this Tuesday you can observe the annual rain of Draconid stars at its best.

This astronomical phenomenon – whose origin is found in comet 21P / Giacobini-Zinner – generally does not throw a lot of stars, but this year it will be an explosion edition. Therefore, 40 to 50 per hour could be observed.

The specialists foresee a spectacle of natural 'artificial' fireworks similar to that of 2011, when up to 600 Draconids were produced per hour. In the past, exceptional situations were recorded in which up to 500 meteorites per minute were observed in Europe in 1933, and in 1946 the west coast of the USA. He visualized thousands of copies per hour.


This rain of stars can be appreciated in the early hours of the sunset from the entire northern hemisphere, the area near the equator and even to the 10º S latitude of the southern hemisphere, preferably from areas without light pollution and with the open sky.

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