Rangers Defeated Mariners.seager’s 26 Home Runs

Rangers Defeated Mariners.Seager’s 26 Home Runs

Corey Seager matched a career high with 26 home runs this season, and rookie Bubba Thompson ran on a suicide bunt as the Texas Rangers beat the Texas Mariners 7-4 on Saturday.

Texas trailed 3-0 before waking up with 4 runs in the 4th against Marco Gonzalez (7-12). The attack was capped by Thompson’s bunt to the right flank when Charlie Culberson walked to the plate.

Eugenio Suarez hit a home run to add a sacrifice fly to the Mariners’ ninth straight victory over the Rangers. Seattle, which has lost only 14 of its last 47 games since mid-June, is half a game behind Toronto in contention for the first wild card spot in the American League playoffs.


Seager hit a solo home run in the fifth to make it 5-3 in the first season of his 10-year, $325 million contract with Texas. He hit his 26th home run with his Los Angeles Dodgers when he was the National League Rookie of the Year in 2016.

Brett Martin (1-7) emerged victorious after facing just one hitter.

latin bat of the day

Dominica’s Julio Rodriguez scored 5-1 for the Mariners. Venezuela’s Suárez made it 3–1 in which he scored one run and scored two RBIs.

For the Rangers, Adris Garcia of Cuba had a run and an RBI going 5-1. His Meibrys Viloria 1-0 in Colombia. Dominica’s Ezequiel Durán 3-2, one goal, one goal, Eliel Hernández 2-0.

Mlb results yesterday.

Atlanta 5, Miami 2

Atlanta 6, Miami 2

Cleveland 1, Toronto 2

Baltimore 2, Tampa 8

Chicago Cubs 7, Cincinnati 2

San Diego 3, Washington 4

THE. Dodgers 13, Kansas 3

Oakland 0, Houston 8

Philadelphia 0, NY. Mets 1

Detroit 4, Chicago W. Sox 6

Seattle 4, Texas 7

New York. Yankees 3, Boston 2

Milwaukee 3, St. Louis 2

Arizona 6, Colorado 0

Pittsburgh 0, San Francisco 2

Minnesota 3, Louisiana. angel 5

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