Rapinoe Criticizes Trump Again: "Never Presume War Because It Means There Are Americans Dying"

News The footballer reacts to the president's comments presuming his military power

Donald Trump and Megan Rapinoe.

New confrontation between Megan Rapinoe and Donald Trump. The player of the United States national team reacted on social networks after the president presumed his military power and would not hesitate to use it in case Irn attacked Americans.


It all started with a Trump post on his Twitter account, which came in response to growing tensions between the United States and Iran in the last week.

"The United States has just spent two trillion dollars on military armament. We have the largest and best army in the world! If Irn attacks an American military base, we will send part of this new and beautiful equipment against them … and without hesitation!" , was Trump's message

The United States just spent Two Trillion Dollars on Military Equipment. We are the biggest and by far the BEST in the World! If Iran attacks an American Base, or any American, we will be sending some of that brand new beautiful equipment their way … and without hesitation!

? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 5, 2020

To which Rapinoe responded on Instagram, commenting on a story that war is never good because young Americans are lost lives, but that Trump's relatives will not be, criticizing that in the past they have turned around having to comply with their responsibilities in the army.

Together with the equipment, we will also send our people. Most of them will be young (but they definitely won't be your children). Do you really understand what you're saying? Never presume about the war @realdonaldtrump because it means that there are Americans dying



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