Rayados: Duilio Davino Promises New News About The Monterrey Coach

After the dismissal of Diego Alonso as coach of the Rayados de Monterrey, Sports Director Duillo Davino indicated that they will not make a hasty decision in the election of the new coach of the Gang.

The president of Monterrey, on his arrival in the City after the defeat against Querétaro, said that soon there will be news of the new strategist, but they are still analyzing candidates.

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"The urgency is always there, and the rush must be, but today obviously first is the conscience and the good choice," he said.

"The information really, with pleasure will be the first to know, today we are working on the election."

Likewise, the Albiazul director expressed that he feels the same frustration as the fans, who cries out for the removal of Davino and José González Ornelas, president of the club's board of directors.

"We understand. I honestly put myself in his place and understand, it is not what we want, it is not what we expected, but we are working hard to reverse the situation," he said.

"It is not what we expect or what we want (from the team), we are ashamed. There is nothing left but to go forward, we all have to improve and do our best to put the team back where it should be," Duilio Davino pic.twitter.com/Sdg8367WbU

– DLPTLV (@dlptlv)
October 7, 2019