Rays Vs Astros (1-6): Summary, Result And Annotations

Rays Vs Astros (1-6): Summary, Result And Annotations

Thank you very much for joining us in the minute by minute of the Rays 1 – 6 Astros. You can follow the ALCS from next Saturday by AS.

The path for the Fall Classic is being defined. Astros and Yankees will look for the American flag, while Cardinals and Nationals will do the same in the Old Circuit.

The curtain goes down, Astros win it. Ji-Man Choi is struck by the Mexican closer and the series keeps the ninth of Houston.


Tommy Pham is the second out of the inning with a fly in foul ground. Astros are already thinking of facing Yankees.

Austin Meadows delivers the first out. The patrolman takes a fly to Marisnick’s glove in the central meadow.

Ninth entry, high part. Multiple changes in the duel. Roberto Osuna enters the mound. Jake Marisnick enters the mound.

Carlos Correa struck out. Rays will return to the batting box in an attempt to save themselves.

Yuli Gurriel with the second out of the inning. It was a fly to the left garden.

Cash finally enters to withdraw Pagan. Brendan McKay will seek to finish the eighth roll.

Pagan has totally lost the course of the commitment. Yordan Álvarez is patient and gets his passport.

Pagan gets the first out. Alex Bregman with the fly that Avisail García catches in the right meadow.

JOSÉ ALTUVE FOR THE STREET! The second Venezuelan base with the contact that breaks the diamond and ends in the stands.

Eighth entrance, lower part. MICHAEL BRANTLEY WITH THE FINAL STOCK! The Astros patrol car with the lonely home run.

Rays are on the verge of elimination. Willy Adames is retired on track 43 after a grounder.

Ten strikeouts for Gerrit Cole in the duel. Kevin Kiermaier becomes the victim of the decade.

Gerrit Cole is a punch of the ten. Joey Wendle retires fanning.

Eighth entrance, high part. Robinson Chirinos enters the duel taking the place of Kyle Tucker.

Pagán finishes the work. Springer struck out fanning and finished the seventh roll.

Another change of Rays in the mound. Emilio Pagán replaces Poche.

Change works for Rays. Poche strike out Tucker in three pitches.

Cash responds to Hinch’s movement. Colin Poche will enter the mound to work for Tucker.

Astros offensive changes. Martín Maldonado does not return to the batter’s box; Kyle Tucker will take his place.

Josh Reddick does not allow Castillo to enlarge. Josh Reddick with the single to the central meadow.

Castillo begins his work with the right foot. Carlos Correa receives the punch.

Seventh entry, lower part. Nick Anderson does not return to the mound. Diego Castillo is the new Rays pitcher.

DOUBLE PLAY! The ball is walked from 5 to 4 and finally to three to reach the middle of the seventh roll. Avisail García started a great role in the anteroom.

The home run was an isolated episode for Sogard. Now deliver the out with an out fly to the left garden. Michael Brantley keeps the ball.

Seventh entry, high part. It seems that Gerrit Cole is starting to lose control. Travis d’Arnaud receives the passport.

Two thirds of commitment are drained. Yuli Gurriel with an out line that catches Austin Meadows in the left field.

Two batters facing each other and two strikeouts for Nick Anderson in the inning. Yordan Álvarez is the most recent victim of the Rays relay.

Sixth entry, lower part. Nick Anderson sends Alex Bregman to the booth. The Rays relay gives the punch to the Astros antealist.

Gerrit Cole delivers the chocolate to Ji-Man Choi. The Astros opener has eight strikeouts in the game.

Tommy Pham cannot be present at the duel. Now he is removed with a roll that goes out on track 63.

Sixth entry, high part. Austin Meadows delivers the first out with a fly to the central meadow. George Springer stays with White.

Anderson dominates Jose Altuve. The Venezuelan with the fly out to the right garden. Avisail García catches the ball.

Cash moves the bullpen again. Yarbrough comes out and Nick Anderson is the new Rays pitcher.

Yarbrough cannot complete the entry in order. Instead, Michael Brantley snatches his passport with the bill to the fullest.

New change of Cash in pitching. Chaz Roe comes out of the duel and Ryan Yarbrough enters the match.

George Springer delivers the second out of the account. The patrolman with the rola at short pardas and is removed by track 63.

Martín Maldonado sends the ball to foul ground. There he catches the Ji-Man Choi ball for the out.

Fifth entry, lower part. New change in the mound for Rays. Snell finishes his relay and Chaz Roe is Rays’ new serpentiner.

Cole has seven strikeouts in the match. Willy Adames is the new victim of the serpentine. Rays leave the box on the fast track.

Two outs for the Rays account. Kiermaier with the rock that Altuve lifts in the middle.

Fifth entrance, high part. Wendle with the grounded out to the short stops. Carlos Correa combines with Gurriel for the out.

Astros return in order of the box. Josh Reddick is struck out.

Carlos Correa leaves impatiently at the booth and hits the ball immediately. Bad decision as it is a flyout to Kiermaier’s glove.

Fourth entry, lower part. Yuli Gurriel’s long turn, but ends up dominated. The ball flies out to the center garden.

Avisail García fails to harm. The right patrolman with the rola to the location of the pitcher. The out falls on track 13.

Eric Sogard cannot replicate the home run. Now it is struck by Cole, who already has half a dozen K’s.

Travis d’Arnaud is a new victim of Gerrit Cole. The Astros serpentinero already has five strikeouts in his account.

Fourth entry, high part. Ji-Man Choi is having an outstanding duel. Now he manages to base himself with an unstoppable left meadow.

Yordan Álvarez lets the account be filled and there he hits a long fly to the left garden. Austin Meadows stays with White. The first third of the match is over.

Kevin Cash’s first change in the mound. Blake Snell will enter the hill, replacing Glasnow.

Bregman with the roll to the initial. Willy Adames lifts the ball and sends Choi. The Korean shows his athleticism to get the out in the initial.

Third entry, lower part. Altuve makes poor contact and within the frame Eric Sogard catches the ball for the first out of Astros.

Rays are removed in order. Tommy Pham replies to Meadows and Josh Reddick gets the third out.

Austin Meadows connects the ball, but does not get the unstoppable. The ball is an out fly deep into the right field.

Third entry, high part. Willy Adames with the ground ball to the anteroom. Bregman sends Gurriel for the first out of the episode.

Astros are removed in order. Brantley works the shift and with the full account he flies out to the left garden. Willy Adames catches the ball.

Glasnow wants to amend his mistakes. With third of throws George Springer is retired by strikeout.

Second entry, lower part. Martín Maldonado expects nothing and swings the ball. The ball goes fly out to short stops.

Despite the home run, Cole is having a dominant opening. Kevin Kiermaier is also struck out to end Rays’ offense.

Joey Wendle receives the chocolate dose from Cole. The Astros opener already has three strikeouts in his account.

Avisail García with the grounded out. Correa lifts at short stops and sends Yuli Gurriel.

Second entry, high part. ERIC SOGARD DISCOUNTS! Rays’ second baseman with the home run. Tampa Bay refuses to die.

Glasnow manages to put an end to inning. Josh Reddick is struck out, but first Astros conceded four races.

The Puerto Rican Carlos Correa eats the chocolate. Glasnow retires to the hostel shortly and Astros already have two outs.

Astros’ offensive continues, Yuli Gurriel connects a grounder to the left field. Bregman enters home.

Finally Glasnow gets the first out of Astros. Yordan Álvarez with the rola out on track 63. Although Bregman takes the opportunity to place himself in the anteroom.

The Astros rally is a reality. Alex Bregman with the double. Brantley is driven and Altuve gets the third race traveling the trails at a demonic speed.

Altuve finds the ball. Unstoppable of the Venezuelan. Springer enters the register and Astros again have men in the corners.

Michael Brantley with the second unstoppable duel. Springer makes legs and stands in the anteroom. Men in the corners for Astros.

First entry, lower part. George Springer punishes Tyler Glasnow. The Astros patrulero with the single.

Travis d’Arnaud with the fly that breaks the diamond. George Springer keeps the ball in the central meadow and escapes half of the first roll.

Ji-Man Choi works his turn in a great way and takes Cole’s passport. Astros could not finish in order to Rays.

Cole went on a big plan. First Meadows and now Tommy Pham is prescribed with the chocolate.

First entry, high part. PLAYBALL! Gerrit Cole does not want to leave any doubt and prescribes the punch to Austin Meadows in four shots to the plate.