RBI Baseball Sweep At Fundación Rica Tournament

In honor of Don Juan Marichal, an immortal of sports in Cooperstown and Dominican Republic, four teams won the sign twice on the final day of the XIRBI Fundación Rica baseball tournament in Villa Altagracia.

In the 16-18 year old category, Lacumbre won 61 kilometers and Basima won San Jose del Puerto. From 14 to 15 years, Los Mogotes occupied Vario Puerto Rico. And in 12 to 13 years, Pueblo Nuevo dominated Vario INVI.

Part of the support GrupoRica provides to Villa Altagracia, there was a division of honor between Villa and Barrio Duarte in 12-13 through its establishment coordination with the Major League Baseball (MLB) office. Bashima and Guananit in 14 to 15 years.


Summit victory

La Cumbre won 16-6 and 8-5 races at Autopista Duarte’s 61km, with pitchers Leury Jiménez and Elier Corporan defeating Clyver Pérez and Erickson Pimentel.

Darling Jose Correa combined two doubles and two singles, and Oscar Manuel Peralta and Delfried Rodriguez brought two hits to La Cumbre. From K-61, Robert Louis Santa Maria double and single, Francisco Molillo 2 base.

Basima dominated San Jose del Puerto 9-7 and 13-8, with Yorkle Arsiniegas and Gyro Corante the winners, Johnny Hoakin and Jr. Leon the losers.

Emilio Aguas Vivas has 2 RBIs for a single, and Jeremy Gabriel Hilario has 3 RBIs for 2 RBIs. The pair of David Hilario Morillo and Jefferson Hilari Operatala is indisputable. In the case of El Puerto, Daniel David Tejada is double and single, with several in one hit.

Mogotes defeated P. Rico

Rosmogotes stood out 6-1 and 5-4 against Barrio Puerto Rico in 14-15 years, boosted by the pitching of Dowlies Josejorge and Victor Ozoria, who defeated Emmanuel Tejada and Robert Luis Castillo.

For the winner, Juan Manuel Aquino combined two doubles, three singles and three RBIs. Luis Manuel Mena’s double and single, Josiah Paniagua and Gravin Bautista’s double and single. From the Puerto Rican sector, Raul Castro was unleashed with two doubles and three singles, three runs and two RBIs. Francisco Alcántara tubey and two singles.

Pueblo Nuevo defeats INVI

The final double sweep between Saturday and Sunday last week was given to INVI 11-1 and 16-14 by Pueblo Nuevo, with Henry Lopez and Frankeri Marte defeating Omar Sanchez and Henry Rafael Lopez.

For Pueblo Nuevo, Frankeris Marte became home, the single, Isaias Espinosa tripled, and a single with four RBIs. Two hits: Angel Rodriguez, Julio de la Cruz and Janiel Tribio. Moses of Jesus is double. Two hits from INVI: Yerniel Adames triples and singles, Divier Félix trio singles, and Luis Castillo.

Other results

The villa team defeated Duarte 7-6 at the beginning of 2012-13, with Oscar Lapai defeating Ruiz Jr. Fermin. El Duarte was shut out with 10 runs, with Esmerlin Puello beating Tony Bendrele Barron.

For villas, Yender Martínez is triple, double and single. Nodules with the tribe of Luis Jose Polanco. Oscar Lapaix Double and single. Del Duarte, Luis Jose Fermin’s triple and single, Jean Carlos Mesa’s double.

In 14-15, Guananit defeated Basima 17-2 in the pitching of Darling Francisco Perez, who defeated Eliezer Adams. Basima won the second 4-3, with Jose Jr. Legalado the winner. Emmanuel Miliano saved and Jeried Minguez retreated.

In the case of Guananito, Josiah Vargas Adams made a single at home with 5 RBIs. Daniel Ferreras doubles and singles, Jose Alberto Sanchez and Ronnie Mendes two hits, Gerardo Ramirez doubles. De Básima, Wilmer Rodríguez triple and single, Anderson Familia hit two.

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