RD Soccer Team Returns Home With AraJet

The new Dominica airline Arajet will be responsible for bringing the Dominica football team, which recently participated in the 2024 Paris Olympics and the 2023 World Cup in Indonesia, to the country.

Arajet will make a special private flight for the U20 Men’s Soccer National Team to return home this Monday, as reported in a press release.

Its president, Victor Pacheco Mendes, said the airline is proud to work with this historic victory for the Creole team.


“It is an honor for Arajet to accomplish this wonderful achievement and bring our players, who are the heroes of all of us who love sports, back to the country. For this reason, a new history of Dominican football, a new history of Dominican aviation. I would like to write with Fedfootbol, ​​along with the history of Arajet, which shows the history, “says Pacheco Mendes.

Similarly, Rubén García, President of the Dominican Football Federation, thanked Arajet for his gestures.

“Fedofutbol marks the front and back of Dominican football, and I’m confident that Arajet will be a great ally in this success story,” he said.

The delegation will be greeted at Porlamar Airport in Honduras by Alajet executives on a new Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, the Jalagua aircraft, and will fly to Las Americas International Airport for acceptance by Dominica authorities and the media.

With this type of initiative, Allajet will connect the country and its major destinations in the Americas with a new exclusive fleet of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft that will enable savings in fuel, maintenance and operating costs. We have shown that we will reaffirm our commitment to transfer. Savings for your clients.

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