Reactions To The Chenoa Viral Video In ‘Operation Triumph’

‘Operation Triunfo 2020’ started on January 12 and in just a few weeks has already generated controversy. The contestants are not having exactly good behavior, as evidenced by disrespect between them or the mess and dirt in the Academy. That is why a Twitter user has rescued a Chenoa video in the first edition that now makes more sense than ever. Chenoa in ‘Operation Triunfo 2001’. (Photo: RTVE) MoreThe tweeter @ saan90 was in charge of bringing out the viral clip. “You have to be healthy in mind and what we have had in this group is that we are all very healthy in mind,” the singer comments to Rosa López. “It is not the house of the prairie, but here at least mentally we are open to apologize, to apologize, to speak things when they are not understood and to fix them, to try to understand and put themselves in the place of the other”, adds the artist. “Because to fuck, close and be stubborn, that’s very easy. And here it has never been done, ”continues the judge of‘ Your face sounds to me ’. “This is Operation Triunfo, companionship and respect. It had to be said and Chenoa said it, as wise as ever. How good your visit would be, ”tweeted the Internet user, whose publication already has more than 2,000 retweets and more than 200,000 reproductions, as well as numerous likes and comments from viewers who did not hesitate to praise the interpreter’s speech. Thanks for taking this out, it is and will be my favorite generation !!! – Skalbalrena 🇨🇴☁️🕊 (@ mariac205) January 21, 2020 Please put this video on please— SAVE NICK (@ ot4811fanss) January 21, 2020 Chenoa is and will be the best thing that happened through OT ♥ ️— Sarii ✨ (@Butterfly_muse_) January 21, 2020 Chenoa has always been very consistent and mature— Boy Blue (@TrueBlueBCN) January 21, 2020 A chat with Chenoa I think he always does well. I hope I visit the academy and can contribute these values, because of what I read, more than one needs 😊— Laura (@PerezosaOficial) January 21, 2020 I always loved his artistic quality, his way of being and the sensibility and personality so pronounced he has. With so much that some criticized his arrogance and other bullshit. He simply knew how to express himself and he did it. Big @chenoa– chelomas (@che_lomas) January 21, 2020 What happens that chenoa was valuing an opportunity and was not going to play. Apart from the values ​​he has as a person, now they don’t care about anything, I want to see them where they are after 18 years.— ariadna (@CheAriadna) January 21, 2020 However, other Twitter members have pointed out a fundamental difference between the two generations. The average age of the participants of the first edition was slightly higher, which for some fans could explain the attitude and lack of maturity of the current ‘triumphs’. Chenoa herself entered the Academy at age 26. Compare the age spectrum of that time with that of now. I think they had nothing to do. There was some maturity there, and behaviors like Eli’s would have been cut fast. Now they look like high school boys laughing thanks to the rude class # OTDirecto21e

– The Bon Trager (@ElBontrager) January 21, 2020 Read more Chenoa was always a clear and frontal person. But he also entered with the maturity of someone 27 years old (along with other more tall fellow). As now they only do OT for 18-20 kids because it is easier for these situations to occur.— Kerity_Tales (@Kerity_Tales) January 21, 2020 I think that in the edition of now they have put too much boy and girl together, most are not more than 18 or 19 years old, who appear older but at the time of reasoning and it shows … Eli one of them. Maturity there is little, and empathy we no longer speak— Eva (@ Eva89632117) January 21, 2020 We talk about another type of youth, the beginning of the century, other values, nothing to do with current affairs and TV reflects it on us— Pedro di Carbonayra🕸️ (@PedroHdzOtto) January 21, 2020 There is the issue. The format is clearly aimed at a spectrum of spectators between 15-25 and hence the contestants are pipiolos. The really interesting thing for me would be to see older people and experience with younger kids working and living together.— Kerity_Tales (@Kerity_Tales) January 21, 2020 The boys of ‘OT 2020’ have already received several reprimands from Noemí Galera, who emphasized respect among peers. “As you do not talk to each other with respect, I am going to play trick there,” he warned. “Rethink and think about how you talk to each other, how you take things. Things are requested please and they thank each other. ” But if there is a participant who is in the spotlight in this edition that is Eli. His constant confrontations with others, especially with Ariadne, have given rise to the hashtag #NominacionDisciplinariaEli. So much so that the director of the Academy separated the girl and had a talk with her to try to change her attitude. Eli’s macho and bullying behaviors are no less because they come from a woman. In fact, it is also machismo to consider that they are not punishable between two women. They are, and a lot. I think the academy is taking time to act. # OTDirecto23E#NominacionDisciplinariaEli– Hojaverde (@ 0Hojaverde0) January 23, 2020 “Let’s keep the shapes. Do not put your fingers in your mouth when someone is talking, do not take the guitar from Flavio. You don’t like Basque? Don’t say it’s ugly when two of your classmates speak Basque, ”Naomi asked, recalling some of her faults in recent days. “Do you want me to show you images so you can tell?” He asked. “You have very rough shapes. But you don’t have a bad background, ”Galera acknowledged. “You have a rage in there that is not normal. Yesterday you were like a bull cerril here. I understand that you are locked up and that causes you anxiety. You are a very powerful aunt, but you have to learn to control all that rage and that bad host, ”he recommended before giving her a hug. More stories that may interest you: