Real España And Motagua Go To Their 100th Classic At The Morazán Stadium With a Notable Aurinegra Advantage

The Day 3 of the Clausura 2022 tournament of the National League starts this Saturday with four important games that can leave movements in the Positions table both in the current contest, as well as in the general where there is a hard fight not to descend.

And at a statistical level in these duels there are important data to highlight and one of them will be that Olimpia and Honduras Progreso, the match that opens the date, will play for the first time in the Marcelo Tinoco de Danlí stadium, this because the National stadium still is not ready to host games after taking office on January 27.

This will be the 32nd time that people from the capital and Progreso will face each other with a favorable balance for the albo with 19 wins, 6 losses and 7 draws. This game also marks Pablo Lavallén’s debut on the white bench.


John Jairo López’s team has a heavy slab against the lions since they add 14 games without beating Olimpia in the League, which makes the meringues favorites.


Meanwhile, the most important and attractive match will be played at the Morazán stadium when Motagua visits this venue again, where the last tournament was eliminated in the semifinals.

This will be the 100th match between both institutions in this historic stadium where Real España has won 38 matches, Motagua won 27 and drew 34. The Aurinegros have gone 5 games without losing to the cyclone in the league.

For its part, in the Municipal Stadium of La Ceiba, another interesting show will be held between Vida and Marathón, the coconut trees that are directed by Fernando Mira already have 13 games without knowing the defeat at home and precisely against the verdolagas they have won the last 3 league games.

The last game and no less important due to the fight for not relegation will take place in Puerto Cortés, Platense receives Victoria. Los Jaibos, who are leaders with 6 points, have recorded 7 duels without defeat against Tiburón and their last three matches have been triumphs for the ceibeños.



5:00 PM: Olimpia vs Honduras Progreso (Tigo Sports)- Marcelo Tinoco Stadium

7:00 pm: Real Spain vs Motagua (TVC)- Morazán Stadium

7:00 pm: Platense vs Victoria (Tigo Sports) – Excelsior Stadium

7:30 pm: Life vs. Marathon (Tigo Sports)- Ceibeño Stadium


3:00 pm: Real Sociedad vs. UPN (TDTV) – Stadium: Roberto Martínez Durón


Olympia-Honduras Progress

Historical series: 32 games: Olimpia won 19, Honduras Progreso won 6 and drew 7

The first game between the two will be held in Danlí

Olimpia has 14 games without losing to Honduras Progress in the league

Olimpia league 3 consecutive wins over Honduras Progreso

Royal Spain-Motagua

Historical series: 238 games: Motagua won 84, Real España won 79 and drew 75

Series at Morazán: 99 games: Real España won 38, Motagua won 27 and drew 34

The 100th match will be played in Morazán between the two

Real Spain accumulates 5 games without losing to Motagua in the league


Historical series: 146 games: Platense won 55, Victoria won 51 and tied 40

Series at the Excelsior: 55 games: Platense won 30, Victoria won 11 and drew 14

Victoria adds 7 games without losing with Platense in the league

Victory league 3 consecutive wins over Platense


Historical series: 204 games: Marathón won 86, Vida won 55 and tied 63

Series in La Ceiba: 94 games: Marathón won 35, Vida won 33 and drew 26

Vida won the last 3 games against Marathón in the league

Vida accumulates 13 games without losing in La Ceiba in league tournaments

Royal Society-UPNFM

Historical series: 13 games: UPNFM won 8, Real Sociedad won 2 and drew 3

Series in Tocoa: 6 games: UPNFM won 4 and drew 2

Real Sociedad still has not beaten UPNFM in Tocoa

UPNFM won the last 2 duels against Real Sociedad in the league



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