Rebecca Jones Denies She Has Cancer Again

The actress spoke about her current state of health, on the subject of several media assuring that the cancer had returned.

On February 28, 2018, Rebecca Jones she made herself the greatest promise: “survive” when she made the decision to shave her hair to face ovarian cancer who suffered and later managed to overcome.


This day, a national publication announced that the actress has cancer again, this time of the uterus. Given this assertion Rebecca spoke about her state of health.

Without denying that she continues to constantly check herself and even receive some treatments, the actress explained to Maxine Woodside on the show All for women. that it is a lie that the cancer has returned.

“I had to go to the hospital, but to get immunotherapy that everyone knows I have never hidden that, I really get the impression that some media think it is like a grip, and we all have the possibility that it will give us cancer from one day to the next, everyone… and when you are in that reality, everything changes you, because I am healthier than many people right now because of all the care I have, because I have to do something so that my body does not return ”.

Likewise, he assured that soon he will make a video to talk to his followers and deny this information. Rebecca Jones also reiterated that she is now in remission.

“If I had cancer … do you think I could have premiered? … I mean, no, it’s not for nothing, but I just need to stand on my head at the play, he danced, sang, it’s an hour and a half a lot of energy, ”he added.

“I am going to premiere — on September 28 at the Teatro 11 de Julio— An extraordinary woman caught in an ordinary life; It is a one-man show, the production is from Ruben Lara. I am very happy, because I am not only going to be on weekends, but we are going on tour, the premiere in Puebla on October 16 ”, said last August to Whom.

In October 2018, the actress posed without a wig exclusively for Who , at which time he spoke about his fight against the disease in the midst of the eight chemotherapies he received, in addition to having an ovarian and appendix removal because they had to clean the entire circumference where the cancer was located.

“After the operation, in the fifth chemotherapy I wanted to throw in the towel, I wondered why continue with that. But the body is magical, I already forgot how much I suffered