Recommendations To Strengthen Your Immune System And Defend Against Viruses Such As Covid-19 | Video | Univision 23 Miami WLTV

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and muscle aches. it does

home rest like any


influenza. it was reported that a

case of a resident in

Washington roundabout and side.

sandra: the epidemic achieves gave

recommendations to keep

the strong immune system

as the first line of defense

against not only coronavirus but

also another type of virus.

recommended social distance that

for Latinos I could

mean greet us without the

contact with a weight how to give

hand. In addition to washing the

hands well we must feed it

good kiss

consume foods high in

nutrients like soup

chicken, vegetable juices like

spinach, carrot and eat

fruits. exercise or at

less, stay active

up the stairs and

park the car further

to force us to take a few steps

ace. as for sleeping, very

important since in this phase

that the cells recover and

the immune system is

repair we must avoid smoking

because that damages the cilia

respiratory hairs

that take care of catching it

germs focus on peace

try to avoid conflicts or

problems give you are. the



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