Reconciliation? Aislinn Derbez And Mauricio Ochmann Send Flirtatious Messages

Despite the fact that their relationship is on hiatus, the couple has been very active on social networks and exchanged tender messages.

A couple of weeks ago, Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann They announced that for now their relationship would be focused on rediscovering themselves as friends and putting a pause on their facet as a couple, news that was very surprising, since in recent years they had proven to be one of the best consolidated marriages in the show.


However, a few days after confirming their separation, the couple has been very active on social networks and both have left messages in their recent publications, which could mean a rapprochement between them. This has raised the suspicion of several of his followers about a possible reconciliation.

The first of them was when a few days after confirming their separation, Mauricio He reappeared on social networks to send him a birthday greeting. Along with a photograph in which the now ex-partner appears, the actor said: “Happy B-day to this great woman and loving mother. Make it an amazing year @aislinnderbez, full of pure cute things. K ai

and I celebrate and honor your life, happy birthday! “

Then, Aislinn She used her social networks to thank all the people who took the time to congratulate her on her 33rd birthday, but without a doubt the response that most caught her followers’ attention was the one that sent Mauricio: “Awwww graciaaaaasss !!! I love you and Kai so much !! (sic)”, wrote the actress.

In his most recent publication in Instagram, Mauricio shared a photograph in which he appears playing with their daughter, Kailani, during the quarantine: “Day # … I already lost count and almost an eye”, wrote the actor, to which Aislinn He commented: “Exactly”, along with several hearts.

Previously, Mauricio published the trailer of his new project, R, Y Aislinn She cheered on him in the comments, letting it be known that she still supports her husband, even if they are separated: “She is the best, what a thrill!” wrote the daughter of Eugenio Derbez together to the emojis of some clapping hands and others of surprised face.

Also in your account Instagram, some days ago Mauricio She shared a photo of him with her daughter looking at squirrels through the windows of her home; again the actress reacted with several emojis heart shaped.

For his part, Mauricio also reacted with various emojis of face with eyes in the shape of a heart to the photo he published Aislinn where they appear Kailani and Aitana sitting in a park. In addition, she tagged her husband in another photo in which she receives a tender kiss from Kailani and in which he wrote: “Someone kills me with love @mauochmann

So far the fate of the couple is unknown, however, a few days ago a news was revealed that puzzled many: they bought a new house. The entertainment journalist Nelssie Carrillo He shared images of the new home on his social networks. Although the couple made the decision to have a friendship-only relationship, it seems that they will continue to share the same roof.