Red Sox: Rumor Of Alex Cora’s Return As Manager To Boston (MLB) Clarified

The Boston Red Sox speak volumes about the Puerto Rican manager in Major League Baseball (MLB – Major League Baseball).

Chaim Bloom, general manager of the Red Sox, cleared up the rumors of Alex Cora’s return as manager of the Boston Red Sox in MLB.

As for the rumor, that of the idea that Ron Roenicke is only keeping the manager’s hot seat for Cora’s return to the Red Sox in 2021, Bloom commented:


“… We parted ways with Alex (Cora) it wasn’t because we presumed any involvement or blame in the Red Sox investigation … We were reserving judgment on that just as we asked all of our fans to do so. It was because of what happened in Houston, his role in that and how we feel it affected his ability to lead our team. ”

Bloom added: “… Not part of the process … Not at all. It is not on our radar. We have a manager. We have a really good manager (Ron Roenicke) that we like ”, he closed.

With information from Rob Bradford.



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