Reik, Farruko And Camilo Release Their New Video If You Tell Me Yes

Reik, Farruko and Camilo release their new video If you tell me yes | Instagram

Reik is one of the most popular Mexican pop bands and once again goes to the urban genre, this time joining his talent with the artist Farruko and the renowned Colombian singer-songwriter, Camilo.

Yesterday, February 17 was the premiere of the new single between this long-awaited collaboration, “If you say yes.”


Reik has more than 15 years of experience in music, romantic music being his strongest, but they chose to jump into the urban with different collaborations.

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In 2018 they recorded their hit song “I refuse” together with Wisin and the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Ozuna, this song is part of his album “Now” where he also has collaborations with Maluma, Zion & Lennox and Manuel Turizo.

The song was born a year ago and was written in the city of Los Angeles by Bibi, Julio and Camilo.

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Camilo was an obvious part of the collaboration, besides we are in a facet of discovering people and working with them to soak up new things. “Jesus commented.

They had previously talked to Farruko for that collaboration and apparently he was more than happy.

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We sent him the song, he liked it and he sent us the part in which he participates and, in my opinion, he finished shaping the track “.

This release comes after his album “Now”, an album that has been on the list of most listened to streaming albums for 36 weeks, has hits such as “I Deny”, “Friends With Rights” and “Raptame.”

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It is a song that has a very different style than what we have done. At the moment in which Julio, Camilo and I played the guitars an interesting session was made when writing the subject. I love the result, how he grabbed a swing and how exactly that sound is changing from Reik. ‚ÄĚ

The impressive video was directed by Joaquin Cambre, who has also worked together with CNCO, Pedro Capó and Sebastian Yatra.

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Reik is currently on a concert tour, and this is a list of dates and places where you can see them:

February 28: Guatemala

February 29: El Salvador

May 3: Seattle, WA

May 15: Edinburg, TX

May 16: Laredo, TX

May 23: CDMX

May 30: Santiago, Chile