Relocating a 94-year-old House In Florida

Miami – Hundreds of people gathered this Sunday in Pompano Beach (southeast Florida) to witness the transfer of a complete mansion from where he spent the last 94 years to a new place in the same neighborhood of the city.

The transfer of the McNab mansion, weighing more than 450 tons, became an event in the city, located about 40 miles north of Miami.

The operation began at 7:00 a.m., lasted more than five hours and required cutting off the electricity and water supply in the area, in addition to vehicle traffic.


For months, groups of workers worked to remove from their foundations the house built in 1926 by Robert McNab, a man who bought land in the area at the end of the 19th century.

Then it was placed with the help of cranes on a platform with wheels to leave it ready for transfer to McNab Park by means of several vehicles used to transport containers, something that was done this Sunday in the middle of great expectation.

Hundreds of people gathered in the streets that cross Atlantic Boulevard, the avenue where both the old and the new McNab mansion are located, at a distance of 0.3 miles between them, to witness the operation.

In their new place, lands donated to the city by the McNab family, there is a project to create a botanical garden.

The two-story, brick-built mansion will house the restaurant of that space dedicated to nature, which will open in about two or three years, according to the city planning agency.

The furniture and objects of the house will be used in the decoration of the restaurant, according to the municipal urban agency of Pompano Beach, a tourist city.

The City Hall of Pompano Beach decided to move to prevent the mansion from being demolished as it was bought by a company that will build new buildings there.