Remittances To September Grew $ 1,376 MM

Santo Domingo, RD.

Between January and September of this year, family remittances reached US $ 5,292.9 million, some US $ 1,376.8 million more than in the same period of 2018.

The statistics of the Central Bank show that, although the amount of remittances sent in September (US $ 566.9 MM) fell compared to August (US $ 628.4 MM) and July (US $ 640.3 MM), in total this year revenues have been higher than the previous year .


The main issuing countries remain the United States, where 77.5% of total family remittances come from and Spain with 10.1%. Meanwhile, the most benefited provinces are the National District (31.4%), Santiago (15%), Santo Domingo (9.2%), Duarte (5.4%) and La Vega (4.2%).

As for those who receive the remittances, statistics from the Central Bank reveal that it is the men who receive the most family remittances, with 51.1% of the total, while the women received 48.9% of the shipments until September.

Another interesting fact is that 68% of remittances received are paid in dollars and 32% are delivered in Dominican pesos.

Recently, the governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez Albizu said that remittance income compensated for the fall in foreign exchange income of the tourism sector.