Renato Ibarra: Detention Is Confirmed For Family Violence

Enrique Martínez Villar

Mexico City / 06.03.2020 00:51:56

Although Renato Ibarra said he is not detained for having beaten his wife, Midi-Time is in a position to confirm that the Ecuadorian steering wheel of America was accused by his wife, Lucely Estefanía Chalá, of family violence and physical aggression.


According to the police report, to which Midiotiempo had access, it was at 20:30 on Thursday that, by telephone, the complaint was received from Lucely Estefanía Chalá García, 24, and Ana Karen Chalá García, 31 years, so that security elements were requested to enter the address located at Cauce # 31, Colonia Parques del Pedregal in the Tlalpan City Hall.

“A complaint is received via telephone, indicating family violence and physical aggression in the aforementioned streets. Upon arriving at the place, we met Ms. Lucely Estefanía Chala García, 24, and Ana Karen Chala García, 31, who indicated that moments before, when they were at home, they were physically and verbally assaulted by her husband and relatives who were at her home, so she asks us to enter her home where these people are, to make the arrest and transfer them to the agency of the corresponding public ministry. ”

The report adds that, consequently, several people were arrested, including the player of America, Renato Alex Ibarra Mina, 30.

“Reason why after reading the rights that assist them as detained persons, the following persons are approached to the unit: Alex Renato Ibarra Mina, 30 years old, Alexandra Ibarra Mina, 30 years old. Bayron Ibarra Mina, 33 years old. Victor Hugo Viveros Padilla, 29, Marlon Aguas Alencastre, 29, and Tania Aguas Alencastre, 25

It is worth mentioning that all the detainees are of Ecuadorian nationality and before the events that occurred, an investigation folder was opened with the number CI-FTL / TLP-4 / CI-1 C / D / 00585 / 03-2020 for the crime of injuries and domestic violence.

On the other hand, it was also stated in the report that Lucely Estefanía, wife of Renato Ibarra, was transferred to the Angeles del Pedregal hospital to rule out abortion, since she is ten weeks pregnant.