Renfro Made Brewers Decision Against Previous Team

Renfro Made Brewers Decision Against Previous Team

Hunter Renfroe hit a two-run homer against the “Green Monster” as the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Boston Red Sox 9-4 on Saturday, their 13th loss in 16 games.

Eric Lauer threw a one-run ball over five innings for the first win in over a month.

With Omar Narvaez and Tyrone Taylor adding solo homers and Rowdy Tellez leading the NL Central with three hits and an RBI, the Brewers are 7-1 since the break in the Stars game.


Milwaukee, playing in Boston for the first time since 2014, will look for a three-game series sweep on Sunday.

Puerto Rico’s Cristian Vazquez and Zandor Bogaerts hit in at bottom of the American League East in Boston, losing seven of nine games during a 10-game homestay, the longest of the season.

Renfro, who was traded to the Brewers in November after playing one season in Boston, found a curveball off Nick Pivetta (8-8), hit the ball down the second row, and hit 18 homers. Fifth act. When Renfro touched the ball, Pivetta got down on one knee and didn’t look at her.

Lauer (7-3) allowed four hits, four strikeouts and three walks. He had never started a duel at Fenway Park.

Dominica’s Willie Adams scored 4-0 for the Brewers. Mexican Luis Urias scored and RBI scored 5 to 1. Venezuela’s Omar Narvaez scored his first run and RBI in his 3-1 win. Victor Caratini of Puerto Rico scored 1-0.

For the Red Sox, Puerto Rico’s Vazquez went 4-2 with one run and one run. Mexico’s Alex Verdugo 4-1. Dominica’s Francy Cordero 1-0.

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