Report Of Impeachment To Donald Trump, After Thanksgiving

WASHINGTON.- The Intelligence Commission of the House of Representatives prepares a report of the political trial to present to the Committee on Legal Affairs of the lower house “shortly after Congress returns from the recess for Thanksgiving,” he said. Adam Schiff, president of the Intelligence Commission.

In a letter addressed to his colleagues, Schiff presents evidence that his commission compiled in 17 private statements and five public hearings on the investigation of Democrats into communications between President Donald Trump and his counterpart from Ukraine.

Schiff said the evidence "conclusively demonstrates" that Trump conditioned a meeting at the White House and US military support to "Ukraine announce false, politically motivated investigations that will help President Trump in the 2020 reelection campaign."


Schiff said the investigation will soon go to the Committee on Legal Affairs, where lawmakers will decide whether to write articles of political judgment.

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After the historic public hearings of 12 witnesses and about 15 other testimonies behind closed doors, the House of Representatives commissions in charge of the investigation "are preparing a report that gathers the evidence collected so far," says Adam Schiff in A letter to your parliamentary group.

According to Schiff, "evidence of the president's misconduct and misconduct that we have gathered to date are clear and difficult to challenge."

This text will be sent to the Judicial Commission "shortly after" the end of this week of parliamentary holidays, which would be from Tuesday, December 3, he said.

Schiff will be responsible for establishing, on the basis of this report, the charges that may be filed against Trump in Congress.

The House, of democratic majority, would vote for or against this accusation for the "impeachment" or political trial that points to the dismissal of the Republican tycoon.

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Then the formality will return to the Senate, controlled by the Republicans, to define the fate of the eventual trial against Trump. Given the still strong support he enjoys in his ranks, the president will probably not be dismissed.

The Democrats announced on September 24 that they were starting an investigation to determine whether Trump had abused his powers by pressing Ukraine to investigate former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden, his potential rival in the 2020 presidential elections, in exchange for relief release. military committed.



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