Report That NL Election Prosecutor Uses Armored Truck

Gilberto De Hoyos Koloffon, head of the Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Electoral Crimes (FEDE) in Nuevo León, allegedly moves in a luxury armored van, as well as a driver and escort to protect his safety.

According to a Reform investigation, the State Vehicle Control Institute detailed that it is an automatic Suburban Package G HD, model 2019. It has a list price of one million 781 thousand pesos on the official site of the Chevrolet brand of Mexico.

When requesting the data on the price and the characteristics of the vehicle, the FEDE indicated that it was assigned by the Attorney General's Office and that it does not have what was requested.


Therefore, civil organizations accused that the agency has not produced strong results, since so far it has only made arrests of pollsters who worked without permission near the polls, complaints for the purchase of votes that have not been proven and five process links .