Republican proposes law to prevent discrimination based on political affiliation

Republican Proposes Law To Prevent Discrimination Based On Political Affiliation

Los Angeles – A Latina state senator on Tuesday introduced two bills aimed at prohibiting discrimination in California against people based on their views and political affiliations; an effort with which, according to her, she tries to fight against the “culture of cancellation”.

Republican Melissa Meléndez introduced Senate bill SB238, known as the Diversity of Thought Act, with the aim of protecting California residents from discrimination based on their political affiliation when seeking employment or housing opportunities, the legislator detailed. it’s a statement.

“I find it incomprehensible that corporations and the public ruin a person’s career, business, and family because of their political ideology,” explained Meléndez.


“A free society must not allow thoughts and ideas to be censored. Freedom of expression encompasses all speech, not just what you agree with ”, he deepened.

The proposal would amend the current Housing and Employment Law.

In the same vein, the legislator introduced Bill 249, which amends the Education Code to prohibit discrimination, intimidation, and harassment in schools based on a person’s political affiliation.

“The culture of cancellation and efforts to silence different opinions and voices should be a growing concern for all of us,” Meléndez stressed.

The conservative’s efforts come after tech giants like Twitter suspended the account of former President Donald Trump after acts of violence on Capitol Hill on January 6.

On January 9, the social network definitively deprived the Republican of that tool, with which Trump managed to emit more than 55,000 messages for more than 11 years and which had 89 million followers.

Many Trump supporters have decided to use newly created alternative social networks, such as Parler, but even this platform has also begun to suffer consequences after the attack on the Capitol.

“A climate of intolerance has been established that has stifled a healthy and normal debate. Anyone who values ​​their own freedom of expression should be concerned. This cannot and should not be allowed to continue ”, concluded Meléndez.

The proposals face a tough road in the California Senate, dominated by Democrats.



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