Republicans Oppose Investigating Capitol Attack By Donald Trump Supporters

Washington, DC – Senate Republicans are poised to prevent the formation of a commission to investigate the deadly assault on the U.S. Congress headquarters on January 6, shattering hopes of a bipartisan investigation and reviving pressure on Democrats to Kill a process critics deem obsolete.

Obstructionism is a longstanding Senate tradition that requires the vote of 60 out of 100 senators to disrupt a debate and impede the advancement of a bill. With the upper house split 50-50, Democrats would need the support of 10 Republicans to pass the bill to committees.

It would be the first time that filibuster, known as “filibuster,” has been used this year to stop legislative action in the Senate. Most Republicans oppose the bill, which seeks to create a commission to investigate the assault by Donald Trump supporters on Capitol Hill with the intention of overturning the election of Joe Biden.


“We have a mob taking over the Capitol and we can’t get Republicans to join us in making a historical record of that event? That’s sad, ”said Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, the second Democrat in the Senate. “That tells you what is wrong with the Senate and what is wrong with obstructionism.”

The House of Representatives has already passed the measure with some Republican support, but Senate filibuster is sparking new debate over whether the time has come for Democrats to change the rules and lower the threshold to 51 votes to pass legislation.

Trump has made it clear that he opposes the formation of any investigative panel.



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