Republicans Propose Delaying Trump’s Impeachment Until February

Washington – Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has proposed to his Democratic colleagues to delay the impeachment of Donald Trump until February, to give the former president time to seize a legal team to represent him.

McConnell confirmed the request on Thursday and, when asked by journalists if he had already received a response, he assured that “not yet”, but that the talks were still open.

Although McConnell did not give details of the talks, in addition to the possible date of Trump’s impeachment, the contacts focus on the format in which the process will be held, according to sources close to the negotiations cited by local media.


Unlike the first political trial to which Trump was subjected, last year, the Senate will have a Democratic majority this time, so it will be these who ultimately decide the format of the process against Trump.

In the first trial, focused on Trump’s pressure on Ukraine to harm what he already saw as his main political rival, now President Joe Biden, McConnell, then leader of the Republican majority, refused the appearance of witnesses proposed by the democrats.

Hours before, the “number two” of the new Democratic majority in the Senate, Dick Durbin, had anticipated that the impeachment of Trump in the Senate could be activated in “one or two days”, since it is a question that they continue to consider a priority despite the transfer of power to Biden on Wednesday.

“The president must be held accountable,” Durbin told reporters.

But the speaker of the House of Representatives, the also Democrat Nancy Pelosi, in charge of officially sending the articles to the Senate to activate the impeachment in the Senate, refused today to anticipate when she would do it.

On Wednesday of last week the House of Representatives approved, with the support of ten Republican representatives, to subject Trump to a second impeachment trial for his responsibility in the assault on the Capitol carried out by his followers on the 6th, in which five people died, including a policeman.

Trump, who has thus become the first president of the country to be subjected to two processes of this type, has been held responsible by the legislators of the assault on the Capitol for previously haranguing his followers and asking them to go to the headquarters of the legislature to defend their rights and demonstrate your strength.

When the attack occurred, the legislators were holding a session to certify the electoral votes obtained by Biden and therefore to confirm his victory, in the face of repeated allegations of fraud by Trump, which he failed to prove.

Despite the fact that the trial can no longer involve the removal of Trump, since this Wednesday he left office, a conviction could lead to his being disqualified from holding public positions in the future.



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