Republicans Win Control Of The Us House Of Representatives

Republicans Win Control Of The US House Of Representatives

Washington – The United States Republican Party won a majority in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, returning the party to power in Washington and giving conservatives the leverage to block President Joe Biden’s agenda and launch investigations.

However, a minimum majority will challenge party leaders and complicate the collective’s ability to govern.

More than a week after Election Day, The Associated Press projects that Republicans have secured the 218 seats needed to wrest control of the House from Democrats. It could be several days, or even weeks, before the size of the party’s lead is known, as votes are still being counted in some close races.


But they are poised for what could be the party’s narrowest lead in the 21st century, similar to 2001, when Republicans held a majority of just nine seats, 221-212, with two independents. That’s far less than the landslide Republicans had predicted heading into Election Day, when the party hoped to take advantage of ongoing economic challenges and Biden’s declining popularity to reset the agenda on Capitol Hill.

BREAKING: Republican Mike Garcia wins reelection for US House in California’s 27th Congressional District. #APracecall at 3:32 p.m. PST.

—AP Politics (@AP_Politics) November 16, 2022

Instead, Democrats put up a staunch resistance, clinging to moderate and suburban districts in places like Virginia, Minnesota and Kansas. The results could complicate House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy’s plans to become House speaker after some conservative members have expressed doubts about endorsing him or have imposed conditions on their support.

The narrow margins have upended Republican politics and caused fingers to be pointed at what has gone wrong. Some members of the Republican Party have blamed Donald Trump for the poor results at the polls. The former president, who on Tuesday announced his third candidacy for the White House, selected some candidates during this year’s primaries who did not give the expected results in the general elections.

Despite the disappointing performance of the GOP, the party will continue to have remarkable power. Republicans will seize control of key committees, giving them the ability to shape legislation and launch investigations into Biden, his family and his administration.

McCarthy celebrated, through a tweet, the fact that his party officially regained control of the federal House of Representatives, stressing that “American (citizens) are ready for a new direction, and House Republicans are ready to make it happen.”

There is a special interest in investigating the foreign dealings of the president’s son, Hunter Biden. Some of the more conservative lawmakers have raised the possibility of impeaching Biden, although that will be much more difficult for the party with a slim majority to achieve.

For his part, Biden congratulated McCarthy and indicated that he is “ready to work with the House of Representatives to get results for working families.”

“Last week’s election demonstrated the strength and resilience of American democracy. There was a clear rejection of candidates who question the 2020 elections, political violence and intimidation. We received an emphatic message that, in the United States, the will of the citizens prevails,” Biden added through written statements.

🚨 BREAKING 🚨 Republicans have officially flipped the People’s House! Americans are ready for a new direction, and House Republicans are ready to deliver.

—Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) November 17, 2022

“The future is too bright to stay caught up in a political war,” he stressed.

The narrow margin in the House has “turned” the policy of the Republican Party and led to discussions to explain what caused the group to not obtain control of the Senate and a minimum majority in the House. Some in the party have blamed former President Donald Trump for the poor results. Trump, who confirmed yesterday, Tuesday, that he will run for the presidency for the third time in 2024, supported candidates in the primaries who questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 elections, or who minimized the assault on the federal Capitol in 2021. Many of these candidates were not favored by the voters.

Despite the poor performance in the midterm elections, the Republican Party will have considerable power by seizing control of key committees that will give them the ability to shape legislation and launch investigations against Biden, his family and his administration.

However, any measure that makes it out of the House could face slim chances of passing in the Senate, where Democrats also won a slim majority. Both parties are waiting for the second round of the Georgia senatorial elections, which would be the last chance to increase their positions.

Given the minimal majority in the House and Senate, there is also the possibility of chaos reigning in legislative work, since the current composition would grant a high, and unusual, level of power to one or several legislators to influence what is discussed. in the hemicycle. This could make for a particularly precarious situation for Republicans as they try to win support to pass major measures to keep the government running or to raise the ceiling on the national debt.

The new majority will give way to a new group of leaders; if elected to take Nancy Pelosi’s House Speaker’s job, McCarthy would lead a boisterous Republican conference, most aligned with Trump’s policies. Many Republicans in this new Congress saw the results of the 2020 elections as invalid, despite the fact that the courts rejected multiple complaints of alleged acts of fraud, as did election officials and the former attorney general under Trump, William Barr.



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