Respond Message In Bottle Nine Years After Sent

Rockport, Massachusetts – A Massachusetts college student received a response to a message he threw into the ocean in a bottle when he was 10 years old.

Max Vredenburgh, who is in his second year at Suffolk University, says he put the letter in a glass wine bottle that he threw into the water at Rockport's Long Beach in August 2010.

In 2010, 10 year old Max Vredenburgh of Boston threw a message in a bottle from a Rockport beach.


Max, now 19 years old, received a letter from a gentleman this m onth saying he found his bottle on a beach in France.

9 years

3,700+ thousands.



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Vredenburgh's father sent him a text message on Friday to tell him that he had received a letter from someone named "G. Dubois ”who found the bottle on a beach in southern France on October 10.

In his letter, Vredenburgh listed some of his favorite things, including apples, the beach and sidereal space. He also requested that whoever received the letter "please write to the sender".

Vredenburgh, 19, posted photos of the letters on his Twitter account on Friday.