Reveal The Superhero Of ‘The Eternal’ That Will Be Openly Gay

After the success that was Black Panther (with an Oscar nomination for Best Film and more than 1,242 million euros / 1,236 million dollars raised worldwide), Marvel Studios has focused on diversity for its future projects . And as the expected Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe approaches – which will start with Black Widow on April 30 – fans are getting used to seeing their favorite characters assuming more varied identities in terms of gender, sexual orientation or Ethnicity. Brian Tyree Henry (Alfred Miles in Atlanta) will play gay superhero Phastos in Los Eternos (Images: Curtis Baker – FX / Marvel Comics) More This will be the case of Los Eternos, the new superhero franchise that will debut after Black Widow, November 6. Previously, Kevin Feige had already revealed to us that the film would feature the first openly gay superhero (who would also be married and have a family with another character of the same sex). But now, thanks to the interpreter who will give life to his partner, we finally know who it will be. The actor in question is Haaz Sleiman, a descendant of Lebanese who declares himself openly gay and who has recently played Rafiq in the AppleTV Little series America (produced by another cast partner from Los Eternos, Kumail Nanjiani). And in his own words: “I just shot a Marvel movie with the first openly gay superhero, The Eternal. I am married to gay superhero Phastos, played by Brian Tyree Henry, from the Atlanta series, and we represent a gay family with a son. ”For the uninitiated in the Marvel comics, Phastos is a powerful and brilliant eternal third or Fourth generation, which lives hidden under the false human identity of Phillip Stoss.Sleiman’s statements are so premature regarding the release date of The Eternal, that many wonder if Marvel would have wanted to wait longer to drop the bombshell. In any case, so far the thing is clear: African-American Brian Tyree Henry (Widows) will play the first UCM gay superhero and Haaz Sleiman will be her husband in fiction. But, will they get to kiss on screen? “Yes, of course , and it’s a beautiful and exciting kiss, “Sleiman told NewNowNext.” Everyone cried in the shoot. For me it is important to show how loving and beautiful a gay family can be. Brian Tyree Henry is a tremendous actor, he brought a lot of beauty to his role, and at one point I came to see a child in his eyes, and I think it is important to remind the world that in the gay community we were all children some time ago. We forget it because we are always portrayed as sexual or rebellious. We forget to connect with that human part. ”It is unquestionable that mainstream cinema has always avoided showing on-screen kisses between characters of the same sex, so Marvel (and the mother house Disney, let’s not forget) could be taking a giant step in which refers to visibility of under-represented groups. Something that we could fleeting in the famous Star Wars kiss: The rise of Skywalker – but now I would receive a much more concrete and firm treatment. Recall also that in Avengers: Endgame, co-director Joe Russo had a cameo as the first openly gay character of UCM. However, that gesture was problematic for many fans, because the character did not even have a name and Russo is heterosexual (he is married to Pooja Russo, with whom he has two daughters). Directed by Chloé Zhao (The Rider), Los Eternos will have a stellar and diverse cast that includes Angelina Jolie as Thena, Richard Madden as Ikaris, Salma Hayek as Ajak, Kumail Nanjianicomo Kingo and Gemma Chan as Sersei. In addition, Lauren Ridloff will play the first deaf superheroine at UCM, Makkari. His filming is over and is expected to hit theaters next November 6. More stories that may interest you: